Celebrating Yom Yerushalayim: How the Reunification of Jerusalem Changed Everything

Today marks an especially important day for Israelis and Jews all over the world, as it marks the anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, known as Yom Yerushalayim. This date is a reminder of how much has changed since 1967 when Israeli forces liberated Old City and unified it under Jewish sovereignty for the first time in two millennia. This unification allowed for members of all three monotheistic faiths to pray freely in one city, something that had not been possible before this point.

United with Israel’s Jerusalem Declaration project is a global initiative that has gained nearly 950,000 signatures from people around the world who believe that a united Jerusalem should remain an undivided capital for the State of Israel and have signed The Jerusalem Declaration to demonstrate their support. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked United with Israel founder Michael Gerbitz upon receiving his own copy of The Jerusalem Declaration; today this number continues to grow rapidly as they aim to reach 1 million signatories!

The Six-Day War was a game changer in so many ways, but none may have been more indicative than the reunification of Jerusalem and what it meant for all Jews – regardless if they were religious or secular – across generations. Furthermore, President Trump’s long-awaited peace plan could very well become a reality with each person doing their part to ensure its success.

It is clear that we still have plenty left to learn from this momentous day 53 years ago. We must continue educating ourselves about what happened during those six days in 1967, how we can protect our unified city today, and how we can carry on its legacy far into the future. On this special occasion let us remember our history and celebrate it by spreading awareness about how Yom Yerushalayim changed everything for Jews around the world!