China and the Palestinian Authority: A Troubling Alliance

Several Jews have expressed worry over the link between the Chinese government and the Palestinian Authority (PA). Beijing’s recent declaration that it fully supports the One China Policy tenet of the PA raised concerns about its continued meddling in Middle Eastern events. This choice is especially concerning in light of their long-standing relationships and expanding political clout globally.

Since Beijing modified its position toward Israel in the 1990s, China and the PA have had a close connection. Since then, the two nations have maintained cordial diplomatic ties, with China giving the PA financial help as well as technical support for infrastructure, energy, and other development projects. China committed $20 million just last year to aid Palestinians in building civic defenses against Israeli assaults.

The PA has also received help from China on a global scale. Beijing has supported the Palestinian Authority’s right to self-determination at several UN agencies like the International Atomic Energy Agency despite a number of human rights violations against its own people, most recently its subjugation of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang (IAEA). This so-called “ally” of theirs publicly backed them earlier this year when they battled Israel for possession of Jerusalem.

Beijing most recently reaffirmed its full support for the Palestinian Authority’s One China Policy, which prohibits foreign powers from meddling in domestic affairs within Chinese boundaries. This may appear to be a show of solidarity between two nations that are frequently perceived as being at odds, but it actually raises major concerns about the level of control Beijing has on Palestinian domestic politics.

It is concerning to see such an alliance forming between these two parties who both have questionable records when it comes to human rights abuses and the repression of minorities at a time when there is already so much instability in the region as a result of the ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. Although it is still uncertain what effects this partnership will have on world politics, it is crucial that we continue to pay close attention to how closely they cooperate in the next years.

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