Houston Palestine Film Festival Celebrates Terrorist Georges Abdallah

The Houston Palestine Film Festival recently stirred controversy when they showcased a film celebrating convicted terrorist Georges Abdallah. This has brought up the moral question of whether taxpayers’ money should be used to glorify terrorism.

Abdallah is currently serving a life sentence in France for his role in the 1982 murder of American Lt. Col. Charles R. Ray, as well as other terror-related activities as part of both the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Factions (LARF). The film itself was supported by public funds, and its creators have connections to designated terrorist organizations such as Samidoun and PFLP respectively.

This event marks yet another episode in which taxpayer dollars are used to celebrate those with clear connections to terrorist organizations. According to reports, the film was shown at a publicly-funded venue, suggesting that it had received public funding despite its content being related to acts of violence and terrorism. Many people are outraged that taxpayers’ money can be used to support an event that celebrates a convicted murderer, especially one who has connections to terrorism and extremism. Some have even gone so far as to suggest that this event could encourage pro-terrorist sentiment among people attending the festival.

The use of public funds towards anything related to terrorism or those involved in it is highly unethical and immoral; there is no place in society for such promotion or celebration of violent acts against innocent people or organizations. It is hoped that Houston will take steps towards ensuring that their taxpayer dollars are not supporting events promoting convicted terrorists or their ideologies, or any other form of extremism or violence for that matter.

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