Magen David Adom and Hatzolah Air Join Forces to Provide Medical Evacuations in Israel

The partnership between Magen David Adom (MDA) and Hatzolah Air is a wonderful milestone for the Israeli medical community. This relationship between them has been ongoing for some time now, with Hatzolah providing teams of doctors, paramedics, and EMTs during times of need. But now, thanks to the new agreement between them, this relationship will be taken to the next level.

In exchange for their help with medical evacuations, MDA will provide high-level training conducted in the United States as well as Israel and cutting-edge dispatch technology from the U.S. to the American counterparts at Hatzolah Air. Pilots provided by Brook Aviation combined with MDA paramedics will make up all medical crews involved in this endeavor. This agreement goes into effect before the current contract with Lahak expires ensuring continuous services without interruption or delay.

This new partnership also opens up the potential for expanded services such as international relief flights during natural disasters. For example, if an earthquake were to strike outside of Israel’s borders, MDA and Hatzolah Air would be able to quickly send out an evacuation team equipped with necessary supplies and expertise directly from Israel itself. Such a task would not only aid those affected by such disasters but also improve overall morale within the international Jewish community knowing that help is being sent from our homeland at times of greatest need.

This collaboration between MDA and Hatzolah Air marks a new age in Israeli healthcare and sets a strong example for other organizations around the world that strive to provide essential services for those in need. With its implementation in full force, we can expect nothing but good things coming out of this partnership moving forward – both domestically in Israel as well as abroad when disaster strikes elsewhere on Earth.