Surviving the Rockets: The Reality of Living in Sderot, Israel

Living in Sderot, a city located just a few kilometers away from the Gaza Strip, means living with the constant fear of rocket attacks. On Friday, a rocket launched from Gaza hit a family home in Sderot, but fortunately, the family inside was not harmed. This is not the first time rockets have hit the city, and sadly, it won’t be the last.

Since 2004, thousands of rockets have been fired into Sderot, causing physical and emotional damage to the residents. Trauma is a common experience, with 45% of children ages 2-6 suffering from it. This is a devastating statistic that shows the impact of the constant threat and reality of rocket attacks.

The family whose home was hit on Friday is a prime example of how living in Sderot takes a toll on its residents. Though there was a miracle, the parents have decided they do not want to raise their daughter in Sderot due to the danger of more rockets. It’s understandable. Who would want to live in constant fear, never knowing when the next attack will come?

But sadly, leaving Sderot is not an option for many residents. They are trapped in a city where they don’t feel safe, but they can’t afford to move elsewhere. This creates a dire situation where they are forced to continue living with the threat of rockets.

Recent days have seen a surge in rocket attacks, with dozens fired into southern and northern Israel. Three rockets even came from Syria on Saturday. While none caused casualties or serious damage, the fear and anxiety it creates are real. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant have held security assessments in light of these events.

Moreover, the attacks coincide with the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, which also overlaps with the Jewish Passover celebration and the Christian Easter Triduum, a time of high tension between Israelis and Palestinians. This adds another layer of anxiety and uncertainty, with the worry that attacks may intensify during this period.

It’s time for the international community to acknowledge the reality of those living in Sderot and take action to address it. While military solutions may be necessary to prevent rocket attacks, the long-term solution is to create an environment where residents can feel safe and secure. This includes investing in infrastructure, social services, and providing economic opportunities for residents.

The residents of Sderot deserve to live in peace without the constant threat of rocket attacks. It’s time for the international community to stand up and take action on their behalf. Until that happens, the reality of living in Sderot will remain one characterized by fear and uncertainty.