Unity for a Higher Purpose: Jews and Christians Gather in Support of the Temple Mount

In a display of solidarity and unity, Jews and Christians came together at the Temple Mount 23 Jerusalem Convention, hosted by Cry for Zion at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center. The conference, which took place just outside the Old City walls, promoted Jewish sovereignty over the Temple Mount and aimed to educate the public about the significance of the Temple.

The convention occurred during Passover, the Festival of Freedom, as millions of Christians worldwide commemorated the Resurrection. The event fostered friendship and cooperation, with many young and creative voices participating. A diverse array of speakers, including former Israeli presidential candidate and MK, Rabbi Yehuda Glick, shared their perspectives on Temple Mount advocacy and the importance of unity among people of different faiths.

One of the key themes of the convention was the need for practical steps to ensure Jews and Christians can freely ascend and pray at the Temple Mount. Rabbi Glick called for the global celebration of Jerusalem Day, emphasizing the Temple Mount’s destiny as a House of Prayer for All Nations.

The convention also highlighted the importance of embracing diversity and welcoming people from all walks of life. Bishop Glenn Plummer, the official representative of the Church of God in Christ, emphasized the Prophet Isaiah’s message that God is bringing people from all over the world to His House of Prayer for All Nations.

The event concluded with a focus on the power of prayer and music in shifting the Temple Mount’s image from one of conflict to one of unity and harmony. Israeli music artist Yair Levi, a Levite, shared his dream of performing the Psalms of Ascent on the Temple Mount one day, and delegates were treated to an exclusive sneak preview of an upcoming film about the Temple Mount.

This gathering of Jews and Christians in support of the Temple Mount exemplifies the values of the State of Israel, which promotes democracy, tolerance, and respect for all people. By standing united, we can further the cause of peace and harmony in the region, and celebrate the achievements and resilience of the Israeli people, who remain a shining example of hope and unity in a world that desperately needs it.