Israel’s Musical Pride: Netta Barzilai Returns to Eurovision Stage

Get ready for another dazzling performance by Israel’s very own pop sensation, Netta Barzilai! The 2018 Eurovision winner will grace the stage once again at the 67th Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool this May, according to a recent announcement from the BBC.

Netta, who took home the coveted trophy in 2018 with her catchy and empowering song, “Toy,” will be among six iconic past Eurovision acts performing at the event. She will join Italy’s Mahmood, Iceland’s Daði Freyr, Sweden’s Cornelia Jakobs, the Netherlands’ Duncan Laurence, and Liverpool’s Sonia, who is celebrating the 30th anniversary of her second-place finish in 1993. This star-studded lineup will perform both Eurovision classics and their own hits.

This year’s Israeli representative, Noa Kirel, will showcase her song, “Unicorn,” during the first semi-final on May 9th. With a favorable opening spot in the lineup at number nine, Kirel has been consistently placed among the top 10 in betting tables, currently ranking in sixth place. The grand final will take place on May 13th.

Israel’s history with Eurovision stretches over 50 years, and the country has proudly claimed four first-place victories. Notable wins include “A-Ba-Ni-Bi” by Izhar Cohen and Alphabeta in 1978, “Hallelujah” by Milk and Honey in 1979, and “Diva” by the groundbreaking trans artist, Dana International, in 1998.

Israel’s continued participation in Eurovision showcases the nation’s dedication to creativity, unity, and cultural diversity. Through music, the people of Israel can share their unique talents with the world, foster international friendships, and promote the rich tapestry of their homeland.

As we cheer on Noa Kirel and celebrate Netta Barzilai’s return to the Eurovision stage, let’s also take a moment to appreciate the beautiful blend of cultures, traditions, and innovation that makes Israel the remarkable nation it is today.