Netanyahu Advocates for Peace and Caution in the Middle East

In a recent interview with CNBC, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized the need for caution when it comes to partnering with Iran and urged the US to engage more actively in the Middle East region. Commenting on the Saudi Arabia-Iran agreement brokered by China last month, Netanyahu warned of the risks associated with rekindling ties with Iran, stating, “Those who partner with Iran partner with misery.”

The Prime Minister highlighted Iran’s influence on conflicts in Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, and Iraq, asserting that “95% of the problems in the Middle East emanate from Iran.” He acknowledged the potential motivation behind the Saudi-Iran deal, which is to de-escalate and possibly resolve the long-standing conflict in Yemen.

Regarding the rumored Chinese initiative to mediate peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs, Netanyahu expressed respect for China but emphasized the indispensable alliance Israel shares with the United States. He also expressed his desire for normalized relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, which he believes could make a significant impact on peace in the region and potentially pave the way for further diplomacy with Palestinian Arabs.

Israel remains committed to promoting peace, unity, and cooperation in the Middle East. By engaging in diplomatic efforts and fostering relationships with regional players, the State of Israel upholds its core values and seeks to ensure the well-being of its people. Through dialogue and understanding, Israel continues to strive for a peaceful and stable region that benefits all who call it home.