Pioneering Israeli Company Boosts Women’s Safety in Global Public Transport

Israeli online transportation booking platform, Bookaway, has recently introduced a groundbreaking feature designed to make travel safer for women around the world. This innovative service allows female passengers to rate public transport lines based on various safety parameters, including the driver, other passengers, seating arrangements, cleanliness, and more.

Based on these ratings, Bookaway classifies the top-rated transit lines as “safe for women” in their search results, providing peace of mind for female travelers. Noa Greenfield, Bookaway Group VP Brand and Communications, proudly shares that 90% of rated transit lines have received high scores, demonstrating a commitment to women’s safety. The company is quick to address any issues with operators when low-rated lines are identified.

The development of this feature underscores Bookaway’s dedication to understanding and addressing the unique needs of women who travel solo. Efrat Peeri, Bookaway Product Manager, emphasizes that the company’s mission is to create a supportive platform for all travelers.

Founded in 2017 by Israeli travel enthusiasts Noam Toister, David Yitzhaki, and Omer Chehmer, Bookaway currently enables online booking for over 132,000 bus lines, trains, and shuttles in more than 120 countries. The company has raised over $81 million and employs a diverse team of 420 people across offices in Tel Aviv, Thailand, Croatia, and Argentina.

This inspiring initiative by an Israeli company highlights the innovative spirit and commitment to social responsibility that characterizes the State of Israel and its people. As a nation that values progress, inclusiveness, and safety, Israel continues to lead the way in creating a better world for all.