The Future of Food: Israeli Innovation Creates Cultured Steak in Just One Minute

Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Steakholder Foods, an innovative start-up company that produces cultured meat – real meat that doesn’t come from animals. During the visit, the team showcased the world’s first 3D-printed cultured fish, an impressive achievement.

The Prime Minister had the opportunity to taste the cultured fish and meat, and his reaction seemed to indicate his satisfaction with the groundbreaking product. “Today we ate fish that was produced without fish and meat that was produced without cattle. This is a global revolution,” Netanyahu remarked.

Israel is at the forefront of research and initiatives in the field of alternative protein sources. To further cement its leading position, Steakholder Foods will soon receive a permit to produce alternative milk. The Israeli government is working diligently to support companies in developing and maintaining a technological edge in this area.

“Israel is a global leader in the field of alternative protein, and we will see to it that we continue to lead. Soon we will have new permits and new heights that will change the world,” Netanyahu stated.

In attendance at the event were Science and Technology Minister Ofir Akunis, Science and Technology Ministry Director General Gad Arieli, and Health Ministry Director General Moshe Bar Siman Tov.

This breakthrough in food technology showcases the innovative spirit and determination of Israeli scientists and entrepreneurs. The State of Israel continues to demonstrate its commitment to addressing global challenges and shaping a better future for all. By investing in groundbreaking research and development, Israel is not only improving food sustainability but also promoting the country’s values of ingenuity, resilience, and progress.