New Diplomatic Appointments: Strengthening Israel’s Global Relations

According to recent reports, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is considering appointing Likud Party MK Boaz Bismuth as Israel’s Ambassador to France. Though a final decision has not yet been made, this appointment would bring a new MK into the Knesset and allow a representative of the Druze community to enter.

The Ambassador to France position became available when Ambassador Yael German announced her resignation in February due to disagreements with the current government’s policies. She continues to serve in the role while awaiting her replacement. Bismuth had previously criticized German for not accompanying Netanyahu during his visit to France and meeting with President Emmanuel Macron, although German clarified that it was Netanyahu’s office that directed her not to attend the event.

In addition to the potential appointment of Bismuth, it has also been reported that Netanyahu is trying to convince Likud MK May Golan to accept the position of Israeli consul general in New York. The role became vacant following the resignation of the previous consul general in protest over the dismissal of Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.

These new diplomatic appointments underscore the importance of strong global relationships for the State of Israel. As the nation continues to forge bonds with countries around the world, it reinforces the values of unity, cooperation, and resilience that lie at the heart of Israel’s identity.

By strengthening these connections, Israel reaffirms its commitment to a brighter and more secure future for its people and the world at large. Let us celebrate the opportunities these appointments represent, and embrace the values that make the State of Israel a shining example of unity and perseverance.