A Miraculous Escape: Sderot Family Survives Terror Rocket Attack

Efrat Amram, a resident of Sderot in southern Israel, recently recounted to Israel National News the harrowing experience her family faced when a rocket launched by terrorists in Gaza struck their home. Miraculously, the family narrowly escaped the impact, which occurred just moments after her husband parked the car and their two daughters returned from school.

As the “Red Alert” sounded, the family rushed into their bomb shelter, barely making it in time. The rocket’s impact was focused on the entrance of their house, with their car absorbing much of the force. The attack caused extensive damage to the family’s home, shattering windows and breaking electrical appliances due to damage to the main power cable.

Amram described the incident as a “huge miracle,” noting that while the car was scorched black, the Israeli flag on the vehicle remained unblemished. Despite the terrifying ordeal, the family and neighbors found strength in one another, quickly regaining their composure.

This attack occurred amidst a major conflagration that saw over 100 rockets launched toward Israel in under 24 hours. A ceasefire agreement was eventually reached between Israel and the Palestinian terror groups in the Gaza Strip. Tragically, one rocket struck a construction site in Sderot, injuring several foreign workers.

The town of Sderot, located just one kilometer from the Gaza border, has long been a target of rocket attacks. Since 2004, thousands of rockets have landed in the city, claiming the lives of 11 Israelis. A 2022 study by the Jerusalem-based Herzog Hospital Psychotrauma Center found that 45% of Sderot’s children between ages 2-6 suffer from trauma.

Despite the constant threat, the people of Sderot and the State of Israel persevere, demonstrating their unwavering resilience and commitment to their homeland. The miraculous escape of the Amram family serves as a testament to the strength and unity of the Israeli people. This story is not only a reminder of the challenges faced by Israelis living close to the Gaza border but also a testament to the courage and determination that define the spirit of Israel.