Israel’s Fight for Justice: Terrorists Behind Dee Family Tragedy Eliminated

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently paid a visit to the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) Special Operations headquarters, which oversaw the mission that brought an end to the lives of the Palestinian terrorists who brutally murdered three members of the British-Israeli Dee family.

In a horrifying April attack, Lucy Dee, 48, and her daughters Maia, 20, and Rina, 15, were targeted and shot while traveling in their car on Route 57 near the Hamra Junction in the Jordan Valley. The sisters tragically died during the attack, while their mother succumbed to her injuries just days later.

The terrorists, Hamas members Hassan Katnani and Muad Masri, were tracked down and eliminated in an exchange of fire after Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) surrounded their hideout in Nablus’s Old City. Ibrahim Hura, a collaborator with the Hamas terrorists, was also killed during the operation.

During his visit, Netanyahu praised the IDF, the Israel Security Agency, and the National Counter-Terrorism Unit for their actions in Nablus. He emphasized the unwavering resolve of the State of Israel in pursuing justice for its people: “Our message to the murderers, to whoever attacks us or tries to attack us is: We will find you. You can hide, you can try to hide, but it will not help. The long arm of the State of Israel will find you.”

Leo Dee, the surviving husband and father of the Dee family, expressed his gratitude for the Israeli security forces’ efforts. With the terrorists brought to justice, the Dee family and the nation can take a step towards healing from this tragedy.

In times of sorrow and tragedy, the State of Israel showcases its strength and determination to protect its citizens and uphold its values. The unwavering commitment to justice and the tireless work of the Israeli security forces serve as a reminder of the resilience and courage that define the Israeli spirit.