US Supports Israel’s Actions to Counter Iran’s Nuclear Threat

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan recently confirmed Washington’s unwavering support for Israel’s freedom of action against Iran’s nuclear threat. Sullivan emphasized the importance of preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and reaffirmed President Joe Biden’s commitment to recognizing Israel’s right to act in its defense.

Iran’s nuclear program has advanced significantly and poses a genuine danger to regional, global, and American security. The US continues to employ diplomatic channels to address Iran’s nuclear ambitions and seeks a long-term diplomatic solution to ensure stability in the region. Sullivan stressed that an effective agreement is the best way to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

While working towards a diplomatic solution, the US has taken significant steps to demonstrate its dedication to Israel’s security. This year, the US and Israel participated in their largest-ever joint military exercise, alongside one of the largest naval military exercises in the Middle East, with over 50 countries, including Israel and Gulf states. These exercises send a clear message about the US’s ironclad commitment to Israel’s security.

The Abraham Accords, established in 2020 between Israel, the UAE, Bahrain, and Morocco, have played a crucial role in fostering regional cooperation and peace. The Biden administration is committed to strengthening and expanding these accords, as they support Israel’s integration into the Middle East and the global community. The US is also actively promoting the normalization of ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia, with the opening of Saudi airspace to Israeli flights marking a significant step towards full normalization.

Initiatives such as the I2U2 forum, which connects Israel, India, the UAE, and the US, and the Negev Forum, involving the Abraham Accords countries, Egypt, and the US, are set to further bolster regional cooperation across various sectors.

The State of Israel continues to play a vital role in promoting peace, stability, and cooperation in the Middle East. With the unwavering support of the United States and its commitment to Israel’s security, the Jewish state stands as a beacon of hope and progress in a turbulent region.