Israeli Innovation Soars: 88 Unicorns with US Headquarters

The United States has become a thriving hub for Israeli innovation, with 88 privately held, Israeli-founded companies achieving unicorn status, or a valuation of at least $1 billion. This impressive growth, up from 80 unicorns just a year ago, highlights the strength of the bond between the US and Israel in the business world.

Each of these unicorns has at least one Israeli founder and maintains its global or regional headquarters in the United States. This growing trend is a testament to the strategic value that the US market offers Israeli entrepreneurs and showcases the synergy between Israeli technological solutions and American enterprise challenges.

The presence of Israeli-founded unicorns is spread across 11 states, with California, New York, and Massachusetts leading the way. This growing geographic distribution indicates that states are actively competing for Israeli startups, recognizing the value of attracting Israeli tech companies to strengthen their reputation as tech hubs and spur local economic growth.

These 88 unicorns have collectively created 61,858 direct jobs worldwide, with San Francisco-based device security unicorn Armis leading the pack with approximately 5,000 direct jobs. The total estimated valuation of all 88 unicorns reaches a staggering $233.7 billion.

The success of Israeli-founded companies in the US is a shining example of the innovative spirit and entrepreneurial drive that defines the State of Israel. As the nation continues to foster global partnerships and promote its values, it remains a leading force in technological advancements and a source of inspiration for other countries. The achievements of these Israeli-founded unicorns underscore the limitless potential of Israeli innovation and its positive impact on the world.

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