Strengthening Bonds: Hungary’s Top Envoy to Engage with Israel’s New Leadership

In a move signaling the robust and enduring ties between Israel and Hungary, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is set to send a special envoy to Israel for high-level discussions with the newly-formed Israeli government.

Leading this mission is Gergely Gulyas, who holds a prestigious position as the head of Prime Minister Orban’s office. This visit marks Gulyas as the first high-ranking Hungarian official to visit Jerusalem since the new Israeli government took the reins, reinforcing Hungary’s consistent support for Israel amid international criticism.

This upcoming visit echoes the recent activities of the Knesset’s Israel-Hungary Parliamentary Friendship Group, which undertook an official visit to Budapest. The delegation, led by Group Chair MK Israel Eichler and including MKs Yifat Shasha Biton, Simon Davidson, and Tsega Melaku, engaged in productive dialogues with their Hungarian counterparts and other key figures in Hungarian politics.

The visit involved substantive meetings with Prime Minister Orban, the Deputy Prime Minister, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office. The Israeli MKs expressed their gratitude for Hungary’s enduring support for Israel in international forums, emphasizing their commitment to further solidify the bonds between the Israeli and Hungarian parliaments.

During these discussions, the MKs shared insights into the security challenges faced by Israel, particularly focusing on the tension in Gaza and the looming Iranian threat.

Beyond the political sphere, the Knesset delegation also connected with the vibrant Jewish communities in Hungary. They visited several synagogues in Budapest and participated in a special event commemorating the 75th anniversary of Israel’s independence. This occasion was graced by the Hungarian Minister of Justice, parliament members, and other high-ranking officials.

This engagement, the first by the Israel-Hungary Parliamentary Friendship Group since 2017, underscores the thriving relations between the two nations. The Israeli MKs extended an invitation for their Hungarian counterparts to visit Israel soon, promising a reciprocation of their warm welcome.

This dynamic exchange between Israel and Hungary is a testament to Israel’s values of diplomacy, respect, and mutual cooperation. As a beacon of democracy in the Middle East, Israel continues to foster relationships with international allies, always striving for peace and stability in the region. These shared values and ongoing collaborations further solidify Israel’s standing as a nation committed to unity and progress.