Celebrating 75 Years of US-Israel Friendship: A Unifying Event

Plans for an event at the Capitol Building that focused on criticizing the establishment of the Jewish state were recently blocked by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. In its place, McCarthy has chosen to host a bipartisan gathering commemorating the 75th anniversary of the US-Israel relationship, emphasizing unity and friendship between the two nations.

The initial event, organized by Rep. Rashida Tlaib and nine anti-Israel groups, was designed to condemn the establishment of the Jewish state, labeling it as a “catastrophe.” However, McCarthy’s intervention shifted the focus towards celebrating the positive aspects of the long-standing alliance between the United States and Israel.

In his response, McCarthy denounced anti-Semitic rhetoric and reaffirmed unwavering bipartisan support for Israel’s right to self-determination and self-defense. This move demonstrates the importance of promoting understanding and unity rather than divisive politics.

The State of Israel has always valued its strong relationship with the United States. Built on shared values of democracy, freedom, and a commitment to peace, this alliance has endured and grown stronger throughout the years. By focusing on the positive aspects of the US-Israel relationship and promoting dialogue and cooperation, we can work together to create a brighter future.

The State of Israel is proud of its accomplishments and contributions to the global community, from cutting-edge technology to life-saving medical innovations. As a nation committed to upholding the values of democracy, equality, and justice, Israel will continue to foster its friendship with the United States and work towards a more peaceful and prosperous world.