In the Pursuit of Peace: Balancing National Security and Unity in Israel’s Coalition Government

National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir recently addressed the audience at the Jerusalem Day celebration held at the renowned Mercaz Harav Yeshiva in Jerusalem. His compelling words came as a response to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s earlier plea to the coalition members, signaling a crucial dialogue on Israel’s future.

Earlier at the event, Prime Minister Netanyahu had addressed the coalition members with a call for unity, saying, “The time has come to stop threatening, stop boycotting, stop climbing onto your high horse. Everyone should work together to pass the budget for the sake of the unity of Israel, for the Land of Israel, and for the Torah of Israel.”

Responding to these words, Ben Gvir, with the support of the audience, clarified his stance on vital issues surrounding Israel’s security and development. “Mr. Prime Minister, targeted eliminations [of terrorists] are not climbing onto a high horse, judicial reform is not climbing onto a high horse, settlement in all parts of Judea and Samaria is not climbing onto a high horse, the evacuation of Khan al-Ahmar is not climbing onto a high horse, taking phones from terrorists in the prisons is not climbing onto a high horse,” he said, emphasizing the importance of these measures for the peace and prosperity of Israel.

Ben Gvir pointed out the potential of the right-wing government in ensuring Israel’s security and furthering its cause, highlighting the need for decisive action, “We can do this with our power, we have a right-wing government, we must not miss out,” he stated.

Amidst ongoing tensions within the coalition, these words carry great weight. Various parties have expressed their grievances and calls for additional funding, particularly for religious institutions, have been vocal. Nonetheless, the unity and cooperation of the coalition remain paramount.

Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Jewish Tradition, Meir Porush, also responded to the Prime Minister’s appeal, underscoring the need for action rather than words, “the commitment to the world of the Torah, the tradition of Israel, to Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria, should also be in actions and not just in words.”

This back-and-forth between leaders of the coalition signifies the need for a balanced approach that meets the security needs of the country while promoting unity and ensuring development. This equilibrium is crucial to fulfilling Israel’s broader vision and further strengthening the nation’s enduring democratic fabric.

In closing, let’s take a moment to appreciate the values that form the bedrock of the State of Israel – unity, democracy, and peace. Despite the differing perspectives and intense discussions, it’s remarkable to see these values come alive in the deliberations of our leaders. The people of Israel stand committed to these principles, making us a beacon of democracy in the Middle East. As we strive for peace and prosperity, let’s continue to honor these values that make us who we are.