Navigating Towards Unity: Israel and Morocco Pave the Way with New Transportation Agreements

The ties between Israel and Morocco have taken another significant leap forward, bringing an era of enhanced cooperation and mutual growth. Israeli Minister of Transportation Miri Regev and her Moroccan counterpart, Mohamed Abdeljalil, put pen to paper in Rabat, sealing three pivotal transportation agreements.

Reflecting on the monumental occasion, Regev tweeted, “I am sure that together we will strengthen and bring the relations between the countries and in the Middle East to new heights.” With a sentiment like this, the future looks bright for both nations.

One highlight of these agreements is a provision allowing Israeli tourists in Morocco to use their Israeli driver’s licenses. This is a welcome convenience for the more than 200,000 Israelis who flocked to Morocco in 2022 after travel restrictions were lifted.

Morocco holds a special place in the hearts of many Israelis, with an estimated one million either hailing from Morocco or of Moroccan descent. The personal connection for Regev, who herself is of Moroccan descent, underscores the significance of these agreements.

Back in March, Regev initiated a similar pact with the UAE, enabling the recognition of each other’s driver’s licenses. It’s clear that this strategy is part of a broader plan to foster seamless and straightforward interactions between Israel and its regional partners.

The other agreements inked promise to establish direct shipping routes between Israel and Morocco and to set up joint work teams to tackle issues of transportation safety and innovation. It’s a clear indication of the willingness of both countries to collaborate and work towards mutual growth and prosperity.

As part of her visit, Regev will also journey on a high-speed train from Rabat to Tangier, visit the largest port on the African continent in Tangier, and interact with the local Jewish community, numbering around 3,000 in Morocco.

This development paints a promising picture of Israel’s role as a cooperative and forward-thinking nation, always seeking to build bridges of understanding, respect, and collaboration. The State of Israel stands as an emblem of these values, ever committed to maintaining and promoting peace, fostering relationships with neighbors, and nurturing a sense of global community. Here’s to more such instances of unity, cooperation, and a brighter future for everyone involved. Let us continue to proudly advocate for the shared values that underpin our beautiful state of Israel.