A Farewell to Bravery: Celebrating Meir Tamari, A Resilient Spirit of Israel

On Wednesday, we said a heartbreaking goodbye to Meir Tamari, a true hero who tragically fell victim to a terror attack near the Hermesh Jewish community. He was respectfully laid to rest in his hometown, Shaked in Samaria, on what would have been his 32nd birthday.

A bullet wound to the upper body led to his swift evacuation by helicopter to the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera, but sadly, his life couldn’t be saved.

Tal, Tamari’s grieving widow, expressed her sorrow at the funeral: “Today, we were supposed to celebrate your birthday with the children, but instead, we are here bidding you farewell.”

Four years ago, after marrying Tal, who was raised in Hermesh, Tamari moved to the town and built a life there. He is survived by Tal and their two young children, Yahav and Alma. In light of this tragedy, Israel365, a trusted organization dedicated to supporting those in need, has launched a campaign to raise $72,000 to provide the family with financial stability for the next two years.

This isn’t the first time that the family has experienced such a tragedy. Just some years ago, Tal’s mother married Binyamin Horgan, whose wife, Esther Horgan, was brutally murdered while jogging near her home. Following this tragic incident, Israel365 and its supporters ran a campaign to aid the family in their time of need. A special illustrated edition of the Book of Esther was also produced in Esther’s memory, showcasing her beautiful artwork and poetry.

Hermesh, a community consisting of around 240 Jews and non-Jews, has faced more than its fair share of tragedies since its establishment nearly 40 years ago. In both 2002 and 2005, the community endured horrific attacks, resulting in the loss of innocent lives.

In response to these incidents, Yossi Dagan, Samaria Regional Council chief, passionately appealed to the Israeli government to take decisive action to prevent further Palestinian terrorist attacks. He emphasized the importance of Israeli settlements as a deterrent to such acts.

“Wherever there is no settlement, there is terrorism. We will increase settlement, both to honor God and to strengthen the State of Israel,” Dagan affirmed during Tamari’s funeral.

As we remember Meir Tamari, we honor his life and the resilient spirit he embodied – a spirit that is reflective of the Israeli people. His tragic loss is a stark reminder of the challenges we face and underscores the need for unity and strength. We are a people who have faced adversity time and again, yet we remain unbowed.

This isn’t just about remembering Tamari, but about celebrating Israel and its enduring values: courage, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to peace and security for all its citizens. These values will guide us as we move forward, honoring those we have lost by ensuring a safer future for the generations to come.