Power of Youth: Embracing Sovereignty in Jordan Valley, The Next Frontie

Thursday, June 8th marked an evening of unity, ambition, and hope in Jerusalem. Over a thousand spirited youths congregated for the 5th Annual Youth Sovereignty Movement Convention, a testament to the budding strength and commitment of the future leaders of Israel.

The convention had a central theme that resonated with everyone present: pursuing sovereignty in the Jordan Valley initially, leading to a larger aspiration of applying it throughout Judea and Samaria. The atmosphere was vibrant with numerous Knesset members, public figures, and rabbis endorsing the principles of the Sovereignty Movement.

Notable personalities, such as Sovereignty Movement Co-Chairs Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar, were amongst the dynamic participants of this convention. They shared the founding purpose of the Sovereignty Movement, which is to safeguard the Land of Israel from potential displacement, much like what happened in Gush Katif and northern Samaria.

Katsover passionately acknowledged the importance of the Jordan Valley. “This is our eastern fortress. Its significance transcends political leanings – left or right, everyone agrees on the necessity of our presence here,” she explained. With a hopeful gaze, she added, “God willing, Israeli sovereignty over the Jordan Valley is imminent. Of course, we won’t let go of Judea and Samaria, but we’re taking one step at a time and the Jordan Valley seems to be a promising start.”

Nadia Matar, her co-chair, celebrated the promising young leaders among them, who, despite their other commitments, remain dedicated to the cause. This included future prime ministers, defense ministers, economic leaders, judicial leaders, and future mayors. These future leaders know that the land is ours and that we must not relinquish it.

In a moment of faith, she quoted Bemidbar 13:30, saying “Let us go up and inherit it; for we can prevail over it.”

MK Yossi Taieb (Shas) echoed this sentiment, appreciating the youth and acknowledging their potential in shaping Israel’s future. He said, “The future of the State of Israel is in your hands – the future generation of the State of Israel.”

As the convention unfolded, videos from ministers who couldn’t attend in person were showcased. Justice Minister Yariv Levin reiterated that the Land of Israel always belonged, belongs, and will belong to the people of Israel. Transportation Minister Miri Regev championed the cause for sovereignty in the Jordan Valley and Judea and Samaria.

Settlement and National Missions Minister, Orit Struk acknowledged the strategic importance of the Jordan Valley, saying, “The Jordan Valley is the most important place for the application of Sovereignty because it is, in fact, the place that secures our current eastern border.”

The Sovereignty Movement’s relentless pursuit of sovereignty in the Jordan Valley is an inspirational testament to their dedication to the protection and preservation of the Land of Israel. This event serves as a beautiful reminder of the resilience and tenacity of Israel and its people.

Israel, a beacon of democracy in the Middle East, consistently proves its commitment to safeguarding its people and preserving its cultural heritage. Its focus on ensuring the welfare of its citizens while upholding the values of peace, unity, and respect for all is commendable. Israel stands firm, imbued with a vibrant youth, ready to face the challenges of the future, embodying the true spirit of the Land of Israel. Let us continue to support this blessed land, its people, and its values, as we look forward to a prosperous, united, and peaceful future under the Israeli flag.