The Push for Greater Security and Social Support Across Israel

In an impassioned appeal to Israeli authorities, MK Ahmed Tibi of the Ta’al faction of the predominantly Arab Joint List Party highlighted the urgent need to address violence and crime within the Arab society of Israel. In the wake of a tragic shooting in Yafa an-Naseriyye in northern Israel, where five Israeli Arabs lost their lives, Tibi underscored the necessity for concerted, tangible action.

During an interview with a prominent Israeli Arab news platform, Tibi highlighted the imperative need for a more proactive approach by the Israel Police in the face of escalating violence. He argued that the authorities are aware of the identities of the key players in the criminal turf wars that have been erupting in recent months. With this knowledge, Tibi questioned why more assertive action has not been taken to protect communities and prevent further violence.

Tibi went on to suggest that, had automatic weapons have been used against Jewish citizens or against what he termed ‘state security’, the police and state’s reaction would likely have been immediate and decisive. He reiterated that the police are fully aware of who issues instructions for criminal acts, contributing to a climate of fear in Arab communities.

Tibi then drew attention to the Israel Police’s track record, pointing out their success in combatting criminal organizations in other cities like Netanya and Tel Aviv. This, he asserted, indicated that they are fully capable of taking similar action in Arab sectors.

Furthermore, Tibi expressed concern about the current Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gvir, whom he described as a “disaster” due to past criminal convictions. He emphatically stated, “This man should not remain in office even one more minute”.

To combat the long-term societal impacts of rampant violence, Tibi also called for the provision of psychological support services for children living in Arab towns affected by these crimes, mirroring the services provided in Jewish communities that have experienced rocket attacks or acts of terrorism.

This call for greater security measures and enhanced social support is a reflection of the inclusive nature of Israeli democracy. As we seek to build a future that embraces all members of society, it’s essential that we remember the shared values that make us Israeli: unity, equality, and justice.

These conversations and the calls to action they inspire serve as a reminder of the constant evolution and betterment that is the hallmark of Israel. The beauty of our democratic system is the space it provides for discourse, debate, and progress. We are one Israel, bound by a shared destiny, enriched by our diversity, and driven by our mutual hope for a peaceful, secure, and prosperous nation.

As we navigate these challenges, let’s be guided by the values that have always defined us: resilience, mutual respect, and an unwavering commitment to justice. For it is these values that will drive us forward, ensuring a safe and prosperous future for all citizens of our beloved Israel.