Russia’s Step Towards Israel with Jerusalem Embassy Branch

The centuries-old bond between Russia and Israel has taken a step forward, a step that paints a brighter future for diplomatic relations. Russia has announced plans to create a branch of its Tel Aviv embassy in Israel’s beating heart – Jerusalem, our undivided capital.

This move ends a longstanding dispute revolving around a plot of land in Jerusalem. Purchased by Russia back in 1885, the piece of land can be found at the intersection of King George and Ma’alot streets today.

On May 18, a historic agreement was reached: the Jerusalem Municipality would surrender its claim on the plot, effectively releasing Russia from outstanding taxes and levies. Additionally, the city decided to discard its plan to seize a portion of the land for the Jerusalem light rail project. Instead, the Russians will have the right to register a 100-meter-long strip of land as their own, paving the way to the future diplomatic complex.

And what does Israel get in return? We’re gaining more than just a piece of land or a building; we’re obtaining an affirmation of our city, capital, and home. We’re seeing the enhancement of our international status as another diplomatic mission plants roots in Jerusalem.

The Russian Embassy expressed positivity about the move, stating, “We believe that this step fully serves the interests of further strengthening friendly multifaceted relations between Russia and Israel, as well as goes in line with our country’s unchanging course towards a fair Middle East settlement.”

Our own Foreign Minister Eli Cohen extended his gratitude to Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon, as well as the teams at the ministry and the Jerusalem Municipality, for their hard work in actualizing this agreement.

The earmarked plot, currently utilized as a parking lot, will continue in this role until the time comes to lay the first stone of the new diplomatic facility.

As we celebrate this moment, we must remember that every diplomatic recognition in Jerusalem strengthens Israel’s status worldwide. It affirms our connection to the city, and it underscores the recognition of Jerusalem as our eternal capital.

Israel, a small nation with a huge heart and an enduring spirit, continues to make strides on the global stage. A land that cherishes peace, nurtures innovation and promotes unity, it’s a beacon for nations worldwide. Let us hope that this new development further solidifies the bridges of friendship and understanding between Israel and the world. After all, we are all part of one big global family.