Tel Aviv’s Bright Horizon: MK Orna Barbivai’s Bid for Mayor

In an exhilarating announcement that’s sure to invigorate the political scene of Tel Aviv, former Economy Minister MK Orna Barbivai of Yesh Atid has made it official – she is throwing her hat into the ring for the mayoral race, scheduled for October 31, 2023.

Barbivai speaks with a clear vision and an unmistakable dedication to the city she loves. “The time has come to return Tel Aviv-Jaffa to its residents. To maintain it as a free and diverse city, to develop it as an economic and cultural center, and to return the fruits of the investment to the residents,” she declared.

In her vision, Tel Aviv should be a happier, more organized city, with its doors wide open to its residents. She observed the fatigue of the city dwellers, striving to uphold a comfortable lifestyle amidst what she sees as mismanagement. Drawing upon her vast experience, Barbivai firmly believes she can steer the city back on track.

Barbivai also offered a gracious nod to Tel Aviv’s current mayor, Ron Huldai, “Ron Huldai is a good mayor who has contributed a lot. I believe that after 25 years in office, Ron, who loves the city, will show responsibility and not run again. Precisely at this important time, his job is to make sure that Tel Aviv-Jaffa is transferred into the right hands.”

Echoing the sentiments of a need for change, Yesh Atid chairman MK Yair Lapid, stated, “There is no person, no matter how talented he is, who can do the same job for more than 25 years at the same level and quality. It’s time to pass the baton to the right replacement.”

Lapid further endorsed Barbivai, painting a picture of a renewed Tel Aviv under her leadership – a city that embodies Israeli liberalism, pride, culture, nightlife, and much more. He lauded Barbivai’s exceptional managerial skills, asserting that she’s just the leader Tel Aviv needs at this juncture.

In the midst of the political hustle, it’s essential to remember the values at the heart of these elections. The state of Israel thrives on diversity, democracy, and dedication to progress, with a clear vision for a promising future. These elections are a testament to the vibrancy of Israeli democracy, mirroring the diverse opinions, aspirations, and dreams of its citizens.

No matter the outcome of this mayoral race, the State of Israel and its spirited cities like Tel Aviv will continue to uphold their democratic principles, championing a culture of freedom, diversity, and progress. As we continue to celebrate Israel, let’s remember its resilient spirit and unwavering commitment to its people and their dreams. Let the political discourse inspire us all to strive for a brighter, more inclusive future for Israel.

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