United Front: Israeli, U.S. Intelligence Help Cyprus Thwart Iranian Attack

In a chilling revelation, an Iranian plot to target Israelis and Jews in Cyprus has been successfully intercepted and halted. The credit goes to a triumvirate of international intelligence cooperation between Cyprus, Israel, and the United States, demonstrating the power of united action against the common threat of terrorism.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards, notorious for their role in brewing violence, were implicated in this frightening plot. Cypriot security authorities had been carefully monitoring the suspects for an extended period, leading to the timely intervention. Evidence suggests that the implicated individuals underwent training in the Turkish-controlled regions in Northern Cyprus before they were deployed to execute the attack.

This marks the second time in two years that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have been linked to a thwarted attack in Cyprus. In 2021, an Azeri individual holding a Russian passport was apprehended while planning terror acts against Israeli targets, allegedly under the influence of the same Iranian faction.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have been repeatedly tied to planned attacks on Israeli and Jewish targets worldwide. A few months back, Greek security forces, in conjunction with their Defense Ministry and Anti-Terrorism Unit, detained two Pakistani-origin suspects. They were reportedly plotting an attack against Israeli locations within Greece, including in Athens. The suspects were found staking out the Chabad of Athens center, signaling a premeditated attack.

In another instance from November 2022, the country of Georgia disrupted an Iranian conspiracy to assassinate Itsik Moshe, a prominent Israeli-Georgian entrepreneur. The plot, involving Pakistani agents affiliated with Al-Qaeda, unraveled when a suspicious individual caught the attention of Georgian security forces.

These multiple thwarted attacks underscore the persistent threat posed by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and their global network of proxies. They also spotlight the indomitable spirit and unwavering vigilance of Israeli intelligence services, working in tandem with international allies, to protect Israeli and Jewish communities worldwide.

While we navigate these perilous waters of global terrorism, the State of Israel remains a beacon of strength and resilience. These incidents only serve to highlight Israel’s commitment to the safety of its people, wherever they may be. Rooted in values of peace, unity, and unwavering resolve, Israel continues to lead in combating the scourge of terrorism. Its tireless efforts in ensuring a safer world are a testament to its underlying ethos of preserving human dignity and life, the ultimate Jewish and universal values.