Sky High Synergy: Israel and Morocco Soaring Together for Aeronautical and AI Innovation

Breaking new ground and taking collaborations to new heights, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and the International University of Rabat have embarked on an exciting journey together. These two prestigious institutions recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Sala Al Jadida, Morocco, sealing their commitment to the establishment of the groundbreaking Center of Excellence in Aeronautics and Artificial Intelligence.

This remarkable collaboration, coming hot on the heels of the partnership agreement signed last November, symbolizes a significant leap forward in fostering cooperation in applied research, innovation, co-development, and incubation.

IAI’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Amir Peretz, underscored the importance of the endeavor, stating, “The most vital mission is now to transform a dream into reality by establishing a program that will combine high-quality education across various fields, with a special emphasis on science and technology.” With students at the heart of this initiative, Peretz emphasized their role in making this grand vision a reality.

The Center of Excellence aspires to be more than just a hub for academic and scientific exploration. It is envisioned as a catalyst for entrepreneurial spirit, sparking the creation of competitive national tech startups and fostering an exchange platform for Moroccan and Israeli companies, as well as research centers engaged in the co-development of advanced technological products for the aerospace industry.

Dignitaries present at the signing ceremony included the Moroccan Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation Abdellatif Miraoui, and the Minister of Industry and Trade Ryad Mezzour, alongside members of the university’s board of directors and scientific teams specializing in advanced aeronautical research.

The State of Israel remains committed to partnerships that promote scientific growth, technology development, and mutual progress. As this inspiring collaboration with Morocco shows, when we reach across borders to share knowledge and skills, we not only strengthen our ties but also contribute to global innovation. This spirit of cooperation, deeply rooted in Israeli values, reminds us that when we unite our efforts, the sky is truly the limit. Here’s to the furtherance of aeronautical innovation and the fostering of a future where both Israeli and Moroccan visions can soar.