An Unshakable Bond: Israel Celebrates U.S. Independence Day with Gratitude and Solidarity

In the heart of Jerusalem, a distinctive celebration took place that echoed with a profound sense of brotherhood and gratitude. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, while commemorating the 247th U.S. Independence Day, lauded the enduring partnership between the United States and Israel.

Netanyahu’s address conveyed heartfelt appreciation towards America’s unwavering backing for Israel throughout its 75-year history. He stated, “Irreplaceable. Indispensable.” These two words eloquently encapsulate the value and depth of the relationship between the United States and Israel, a bond strengthened by mutual respect and shared democratic values.

Netanyahu highlighted that from the very inception of the state, the United States offered Israel moral and political support against all odds. Furthermore, he emphasized America’s generous military assistance, which has equipped Israel with the tools necessary for self-defense.

Expressing his pride in the growing security cooperation, deepened intelligence sharing, and the ever-strengthening alliance, Netanyahu affirmed, “Israel has no better ally than America, and America has no better ally than Israel.”

On this symbolic day, the Israeli Premier also reminded democratic nations worldwide of the pivotal role the United States has played in fostering freedom across the globe. Yet, he reiterated an important lesson: freedom is not a given, but a treasure that often requires decisive action to defend against threats.

President Isaac Herzog, mirroring Netanyahu’s sentiments, acknowledged the United States as Israel’s most significant ally. He expressed a deep faith in the shared values of democracy, life, liberty, and justice that form the bedrock of the enduring partnership between both nations.

In the spirit of appreciation, Netanyahu also acknowledged U.S. Ambassador Tom Nides’ exceptional service and dedication. The Prime Minister ensured Nides that no matter where his future leads him, Israel will always be his home away from home.

The event provided an occasion to toast the crowd and the unshakable bond between the United States and Israel, marking 75 years of Israeli independence.

As we reflect on this celebration, it offers a glimpse into the values that the State of Israel holds dear: brotherhood, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to freedom and democracy. These values not only foster deep international ties but also provide a beacon of hope for Israel’s future.

Israel, in the face of countless challenges, remains committed to its democratic principles and to strengthening its ties with allies. As we move forward, we envision a future where Israel continues to be a testament to democracy’s resilience, the power of cooperation, and the indefatigable spirit of its people. With a sense of determination, unity, and hope, Israel continues to foster its cherished values and further its global partnerships.