Empowering Faithful She-Defenders: Israel’s Noble Push to Support Religious Women in the IDF

In the modern Jewish State of Israel, the lines between dedication to faith and service to the country continue to meld beautifully. Spearheading this harmonious blend, Ohr Torah Stone’s (OTS) recent initiative, Maaminot BeMadim, is an extraordinary testament to the nation’s progressive spirit.

The vibrant energy of Israel’s religious communities witnesses an inspiring trend: a surge in young, religious Jewish women eagerly stepping forward to serve in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Their commitment to the land and the Torah knows no bounds. Recognizing their unique journey, OTS, which began its mission with the Midreshet Lindenbaum Seminary, has evolved its support system for these young women, ensuring that their military service doesn’t stand at odds with their cherished religious values.

While the pioneering class of this program consisted of just 15 enthusiastic young women, today, there are 350 valiant Midreshet Lindenbaum graduates in active military service, with hundreds more embarking on their pre-IDF learning journeys.

The world of Torah and the realities of military service might seem galaxies apart. Yet, these brave souls are navigating it with grace. Understanding the complexities they face, the Maaminot BeMadim initiative emerges as a beacon, offering free spiritual, religious, and practical counseling. Rabbanit Hila Naor, the center’s director, mentions the valuable insights and experience garnered over 25 years, all of which are channeled to assist these young soldiers.

In an era of instant connectivity, Maaminot BeMadim also offers a 24/6 WhatsApp hotline. With religious authorities at the helm, soldiers are equipped with timely halakhic advice and guidance.

Moreover, the program is more than just a hotline; it’s a hub of knowledge. The center will delve into research pertinent to religious female service, offering a plethora of workshops and seminars to further bridge the worlds of the Torah and the military.

Rabbi Teharlev, a guiding light in this initiative, aptly points out the myriad of questions that arise in melding religious practices with military responsibilities. The center, he assures, isn’t to replace the esteemed Military Rabbinate but to complement it, ensuring religious women soldiers thrive in their dual roles.

Ohr Torah Stone’s Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander eloquently encapsulates the essence of the initiative, “While we aim to enable these brave women to contribute significantly to the nation’s security, it’s equally vital that their faith and religious identity flourish.”


Israel, a land of ancient promises and modern miracles, exemplifies unity in diversity. It’s a state where ancient traditions seamlessly weave into the fabric of cutting-edge advancements. This noble effort by OTS is a testament to the Israeli spirit—always evolving, always inclusive. In supporting religious women soldiers, Israel doesn’t just safeguard its borders but also the timeless values that have sustained the Jewish people for millennia. Let’s continue to uplift and celebrate every corner of this remarkable nation!