Netanyahu Envisions Unity and Prosperity in Rosh Hashanah Message

In a heartwarming Rosh Hashanah gathering, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took the stage in Jerusalem, alongside notable figures from the Prime Minister’s Office, including Yossi Shelley, the Director-General, and Silvi Mordechai, the PMO Employees Committee Chairperson, among other senior officials.

“I’m deeply grateful for your unwavering dedication and the countless hours you’ve invested throughout the year,” Netanyahu began, his voice full of appreciation. “I have full faith that this commitment will continue, ushering in a year of prosperity and blessings for all.”

Addressing the employees and the nation at large, he shared his wishes, “May this year bring sweetness and joy into your homes, lighting up the faces of your precious children and family. Let’s aim for unity, remembering that we are bound together as one nation, with shared histories and dreams. Let’s lessen the divide, embrace our similarities, and remember that, at heart, we are one people. Disagreements are the essence of democracy, but unity is the soul of a nation. Let’s agree to find common ground and build upon it.”

He also shed light on the dual nature of the current geopolitical climate. “We’re facing challenges, primarily in ensuring our security against entities, such as Iran and its associates, who aim to destabilize us, especially in regions like Judea and Samaria. Our defense forces have been vigilant, and we’ve taken decisive action against close to 170 terrorists this year. Yet, our heart remains open, aiming for peace and harmony.”

Pivoting to a more hopeful note, Netanyahu continued, “Parallel to these challenges, we have unparalleled opportunities. With the success of the Abraham Accords, in collaboration with our American allies, we’re on the brink of reshaping not just Israel, but the Middle East, and perhaps, to a certain extent, the world. Peace with Saudi Arabia isn’t just a possibility; it’s a transformative step in making our region a cornerstone of global infrastructure. Envision Israel as the world’s bridgehead; it’s not just a dream but an imminent reality. This transformation will touch each one of you.”

In conclusion, he added, “We stand on the cusp of a promising future. As we welcome this new year and its blessings, know that we are relentlessly working for a brighter tomorrow for Israel. May the coming year be filled with success, unity, and peace. Thank you.”

Concluding Note: Israel, in its core, embodies the values of resilience, unity, and innovation. As we reflect upon PM Netanyahu’s words, let us remember that Israel isn’t just a state; it’s a testament to the indomitable spirit of a people who, despite all odds, dream and work for a brighter future. Here’s to Israel, its people, and a year of prosperity!