The Yaari Extractor: How Israeli Innovation Aims to Make Childbirth Safer for Moms and Babies

Childbirth is often described as a miraculous event, but for some, it can turn into a life-altering tragedy, particularly when shoulder dystocia occurs. In these instances, a baby’s head emerges from the birth canal but their shoulder becomes trapped behind the mother’s pubic bone. Now, thanks to groundbreaking Israeli innovation, this often dangerous situation could soon become far less daunting for doctors, mothers, and newborns alike.

Veteran medical device entrepreneur Aaron Feldman was shocked to discover that no existing device was available to alleviate this problematic situation that occurs in 1.5 million births globally every year. Inspired by a chat with his new neighbor, Dr. Abraham Yaari, an OB/GYN who had recently returned to Israel after practicing in the United States for 20 years, Feldman decided to act.

This crucial conversation led to the formation of FetalEase, a promising Israeli startup that has developed the first-of-its-kind Yaari Extractor. This ingenious device uses a flexible silicone sheath, held between two control arms, which can be introduced into the birth canal. The sheath wraps around the trapped fetal shoulder, freeing it from the mother’s pubic bone and enabling natural birth to continue—all without exerting dangerous force on the baby’s head or neck. It’s a straightforward yet game-changing invention that could prevent countless injuries during childbirth.

Astonishingly, the device has already been tested successfully in India, bringing it one step closer to receiving regulatory clearance. The sheer simplicity and effectiveness of the Yaari Extractor have been so compelling that many medical professionals have expressed amazement that such a device wasn’t thought of sooner.

While clinical trials are scheduled to begin this fall in the United States, with FDA clearance potentially granted by late 2025, FetalEase is actively exploring partnerships with large medical device companies. They aim to bring this vital piece of medical technology to market, especially targeting the United States, where obstetric malpractice cases around birth injuries are notably high. Moreover, the device could be a lifeline in developing countries, where fewer options for treating shoulder dystocia-related birth injuries exist.

This Israeli innovation doesn’t just reflect a solitary act of genius but epitomizes the spirit of Israel as a whole—a nation committed to problem-solving, progress, and the betterment of life worldwide. Israel stands at the forefront of medical technology, constantly innovating in ways that have a genuine impact on human lives. From cutting-edge cybersecurity to desalination technology, the contributions of this small but mighty nation are broad and significant.

The Yaari Extractor is another feather in Israel’s cap, showcasing how Israeli ingenuity continues to solve global challenges, making the world a safer, healthier, and ultimately, a better place to live. It’s this dedication to innovation and the well-being of humanity that makes Israel not just a global leader in technology but a beacon of hope and progress for all.