Heritage Minister and Nation Stand United with Rabbi Dee

In an emblematic display of unity and heartfelt solidarity, Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu spent a touching evening with Rabbi Leo Dee in Beit Shemesh, extending an enveloping embrace of support from himself and the entire nation of Israel.

Rabbi Dee, who tragically lost his wife and daughters in a terrorist attack, was recently subjected to a further upsetting incident – he was shoved during a prayer at Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv. A mourning heart was mistreated while in a sacred moment of communication with the Divine.

Minister Eliyahu, with kind eyes and compassionate words, affirmed to Rabbi Dee, “The whole nation of Israel is behind you. Your strength and devotion amidst your grief and the adversity you’ve encountered are deeply admired and respected.”

The minister expressed his anguish over seeing worshippers harassed during such intimate moments of prayer. He voiced concern about a distressing trend he’s observed, where the post-Zionist left has escalated their antagonism toward visible expressions of Judaism. Yet, his message was not one of anger, but an invitation to resilience and assurance, gently asserting to Rabbi Dee, “Fear not, dear Leo, for you have the unwavering support of the entire nation of Israel.”

This touching exchange occurred during the minister’s visit to the city of Beit Shemesh, where he also engaged with the Religious Zionist communities, fostering a spirit of unity and shared understanding amidst trying times.

Earlier on that day, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu eloquently addressed the unfortunate incident in Tel Aviv involving Rabbi Dee. With palpable emotion, he declared, “Rabbi Leo Dee, who has endured the unimaginable loss of his wife and daughters to a horrific terrorist attack, was shoved merely for expressing his faith, for being enwrapped in a prayer shawl and holding the Four Species in Tel Aviv. Such hatred and insanity have no bounds. Shame should permeate the conscience of the perpetrators!”

In Closing: Unifying around Israel’s Heart and Soul

These instances, rich with emotion, empathy, and shared grief, do not merely represent isolated moments in time. They embody a robust testament to the resilient spirit and collective unity found within the boundaries of the State of Israel.

Here, amidst the sacred land, the values of compassion, unity, and undeterred strength in the face of adversity are not mere concepts, but a living, breathing reality shared amongst its citizens. Each challenge faced is met with an unwavering resolve and an unbreakable bond that binds the hearts of the nation.

Let us, the people of Israel, stand unshaken, extending our support to those amongst us who endure heartache and adversity. Let our actions loudly proclaim that every soul, every individual experiencing sorrow or mistreatment, is enveloped by a nation that refuses to be bowed by antagonism and hatred. Here’s to Israel – a beacon of resilience, unity, and unbreakable spirit.