A Call to Action: Holocaust Survivors Urge Spielberg to Lend His Voice for Israel

In a heartfelt plea for solidarity, thousands of Holocaust survivors have reached out to acclaimed filmmaker Steven Spielberg, urging him to publicly support Israel amidst the ongoing conflict with Hamas. The survivors, who have endured the darkest chapters of history, are calling on Spielberg to use his influential voice during this critical time.

David Schaecter, president of the Holocaust Survivors’ Foundation USA (HSF), drew parallels to Spielberg’s film “Schindler’s List,” which showcased the profound impact of standing up for the oppressed. He emphasized that the survivors are not asking Spielberg to risk his life, as Schindler did, but to use his prominent voice to support the Jewish state and advocate for the release of hostages held by Hamas, a group recognized as a terrorist organization by Israel, the United States, and the European Union.

In his moving letter, Schaecter reminded Spielberg that the safety of Jews is intrinsically linked to the security of Israel. He shared the collective pain and heartbreak of survivors who have yet to hear Spielberg’s condemnation of the recent acts of terror that have targeted innocent lives and reignited fear within the Jewish community.

The Holocaust Survivors’ Foundation USA, a unique organization led by those who witnessed the horrors of the Holocaust, is a guardian of their legacy. At 94 years old, Schaecter himself is a beacon of this legacy, having lost 105 family members during World War II. He, like so many survivors, knows the cost of silence and the importance of standing with Israel, the very nation that arose from the ashes of the Holocaust to provide a haven for Jews worldwide.

Today, as the survivors observe some remaining silent or even supporting Hamas, they are compelled to call for action. They stress the need for influential voices like Spielberg’s to counteract the dangerous narratives and distortions presented by mainstream media, which often overlook the legitimate self-defense measures taken by Israel against terrorism.

The USC Shoah Foundation, founded by Spielberg, serves as a testament to the importance of remembering and learning from the past. It is with this same conviction that the survivors implore Spielberg to remember the Shoah’s lessons and speak out against the violence perpetrated against Jews today.

In Conclusion, Israel, born from the embers of the Holocaust, stands today as a vibrant democracy, a sanctuary for Jewish life, and a nation committed to peace and justice. As we honor the bravery and resilience of Holocaust survivors, we also look to leaders and voices in our community, like Steven Spielberg, to join in affirming Israel’s right to defend itself and in calling for the protection of all its citizens. Let us all raise our voices in unity, truth, and peace, echoing the message that ‘Never Again’ is not just a vow from the past, but a promise for today and always.