Unprecedented Unity: Christians and Jews Rally Together for Israel in DC

In a historic demonstration of unity, the “March for Israel” in Washington DC witnessed an unparalleled gathering of 290,000 people, including a significant number of Christians standing in solidarity with Israel. This monumental event, organized by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and the Jewish Federations of North America, aimed to support Israel in its conflict with Hamas, call for the release of hostages and address the rising tide of antisemitism.

The remarkable aspect of this rally was the robust presence of Christian Zionists, a clear indication of the growing Christian support for Israel. Donna Jollay, Israel365’s Christian Relations Director, captured the essence of the event, highlighting the collective commitment to ensuring that the atrocities of the past are not repeated. Her presence, along with that of others, was a powerful statement against the horrors witnessed during the Holocaust.

Dr. Susan Michael, the US director of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, emphasized the significance of Christian participation. The presence of Christians at the rally was not only a show of support but also a reassurance to the Jewish community that they were not alone in their struggle. Dr. Michael’s remarks highlighted the importance of this solidarity in the face of intimidation and fear, which initially made many Jewish organizations hesitant to rally.

The massive turnout, despite the challenges faced by the participants, including the regrettable incident of bus drivers walking off at Dulles International Airport, was a testament to the unyielding support for Israel. This unfortunate event, however, only strengthened the resolve to stand with Israel.

This unity was not just about standing against Hamas and its atrocities but also about confronting the rising wave of antisemitism globally. The participation of Christians was particularly significant in this context, as it sent a strong message of opposition to antisemitism and support for Israel’s right to defend itself.

As Dr. Michael rightly pointed out, the biblical and historical connection to Israel obliges Christians to stand with the Jewish state. This stand is not just a moral duty but also a fulfillment of biblical prophecies and a recognition of the eternal covenant between God and the people of Israel.

The rally, therefore, was more than just a political statement; it was a profound expression of shared values and a commitment to standing together in the face of adversity. It highlighted the deep-rooted connection between Christians and Jews and their joint commitment to ensuring the safety and prosperity of Israel.

In these challenging times, the “March for Israel” in Washington DC will be remembered as a remarkable demonstration of unity and support for Israel. It underscores the enduring bond between Christians and Jews and their shared commitment to the State of Israel and its values of democracy, freedom, and justice.