South Sudanese Parliamentarians Advocate for Embassy Move to Jerusalem

In a significant move supporting Israel, members of the South Sudanese parliament have recently penned an open letter advocating for the relocation of their country’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This bold step, led by the chairman of the South Sudanese Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucus (SSPIAC), Hon. Julius Moilinga, is a testament to the growing relationship between South Sudan and Israel.

The letter, signed by 19 parliamentarians, not only calls for the embassy move but also unequivocally condemns the terrorist actions of Hamas. The MPs stated, “We condemn in the strongest terms the act of terrorism carried out by Hamas, an internationally recognized terrorist organization, on October 7.” This firm stance against terrorism and support for Israel’s right to defend its sovereignty is a clear indication of South Sudan’s commitment to justice and peace.

The South Sudanese MPs emphasized that every nation, including Israel, has the right to defend its people and territorial integrity. They pointed out that Israel’s actions are a response to aggression initiated by Hamas, which seeks to annihilate Israel. The parliamentarians urged the international community to stand with Israel, sending a strong message against terrorism.

This courageous stance by the South Sudanese Parliament is particularly noteworthy given the region’s general opposition to Israel. Rev. Dennis Nthumbi, the African director of the Israel Allies Foundation, lauded the caucus for its bravery in sending such a strong message of support for Israel.

South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir has also expressed solidarity with Israel, extending his deepest sympathies for the lives lost due to Hamas’ terror. This gesture, coupled with the parliamentary letter, signifies a deepening relationship between South Sudan and Israel.

This initiative comes at a time when Sudan, another African nation, has shown conflicting positions. Despite signing the Abraham Accords agreement in 2020 to normalize ties with Israel, Sudan recently resumed diplomatic ties with Iran, which had a critical role in the October 7 massacre planned and funded by Hamas.

As Israel continues to navigate these complex international relations, the support from South Sudan’s parliament is a beacon of hope and solidarity. The potential embassy move to Jerusalem is not just a diplomatic gesture but a powerful symbol of South Sudan’s recognition of Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel.

This development is a testament to Israel’s unwavering spirit and the values it upholds. Despite facing relentless challenges, Israel continues to forge alliances based on mutual respect, democracy, and the shared desire for peace. South Sudan’s support reaffirms the international community’s growing recognition of Israel’s sovereignty and its right to defend itself against terrorism.

In conclusion, South Sudan’s parliamentary initiative to move its embassy to Jerusalem and its strong condemnation of Hamas’ terrorism are significant steps in bolstering Israel’s international standing. This move is a clear message of hope, unity, and the enduring strength of Israel’s values and its right to exist in peace and security.