A Voice for Peace: Former Miss Iraq’s Solidarity Visit to Israel

Sarah Idan, the former Miss Iraq and a 2024 US congressional candidate, recently made a profound statement of solidarity with Israel during her visit to the kibbutzim devastated by Hamas. Her journey to Kfar Aza, a community deeply affected by the conflict, sheds light on the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian situation, far beyond the oversimplified narratives often presented.

Idan’s perspective is uniquely insightful, given her background and experiences. As a contestant in the 2017 Miss Universe pageant, she made headlines for her selfie with Miss Israel, and Adar Gandelsman, symbolizing a desire for peace and understanding between their nations. This act, captioned “Peace and Love from Miss Iraq and Miss Israel,” was a bold step towards bridging divides, but it also led to her Iraqi citizenship being revoked in 2019.

Her stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is clear and grounded in her experiences. Speaking at the UN Human Rights Council, Idan highlighted that the conflict is deeply rooted in antisemitism, prevalent in the education systems of many Muslim countries. She brings a perspective that challenges conventional views, emphasizing the need to address underlying prejudices and misinformation.

Idan’s journey from Iraq to the United States, where she is now a congressional candidate, is a testament to her resilience and dedication to making a difference. Her experiences as a refugee in Syria and as a translator for US forces in Iraq have given her firsthand insights into the complexities of fighting terrorism. She draws parallels between the struggles against groups like Hamas in Israel and similar extremist organizations in Iraq.

Her visit to the kibbutzim is a powerful gesture of empathy and support for the Israeli people. It signifies a recognition of the suffering endured by communities on the front lines of the conflict. Idan’s message is clear: the violence perpetrated by Hamas is not about liberation but inflicts terror and suffering on innocent families.

Idan’s political aspirations in California’s 30th district reflect her commitment to bringing a balanced and informed perspective to discussions about the Middle East. She criticizes the lack of experience and understanding within certain segments of the Democratic party regarding Middle East issues, emphasizing the need for informed and nuanced approaches.

Her analogy between the dynamics in Iraq and the situation with Hamas in Gaza is particularly striking. She points out the internal conflicts and the destructive impact of radical ideologies, drawing attention to the often-overlooked complexities within these societies.

Sarah Idan’s story is one of courage, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of peace and understanding. Her solidarity visit to Israel and her ongoing advocacy work serve as a reminder of the power of individual voices in shaping public discourse and fostering cross-cultural understanding.

As Israel continues to navigate its complex geopolitical landscape, figures like Sarah Idan play a crucial role in promoting a narrative of peace, dialogue, and mutual understanding. Her visit and her ongoing work remind us of the enduring values of the State of Israel: a commitment to peace, a defense of democratic principles, and an unwavering dedication to the safety and prosperity of its people.