Diplomatic Milestone: Eli Cohen Resolves Foreign Ministry Dispute

In a significant achievement for Israel’s diplomatic sector, outgoing Foreign Minister and newly-appointed Energy Minister Eli Cohen successfully resolved the long-standing work dispute at the Foreign Ministry on his final day in office. This resolution marks a pivotal moment for the Foreign Ministry, enhancing its capacity to represent Israel effectively on the global stage.

The dispute, which lasted for two years, was sparked by budget cuts and deteriorating work conditions, partly exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. It led to strikes in consulates worldwide, impacting many individuals who depended on services like visa and passport issuance.

The new agreement, signed in collaboration with representatives from the Foreign and Finance ministries, the workers’ committee, and the Histadrut chairman, promises significant improvements. These enhancements include better terms of employment, incentives for missions in challenging environments, and rewards for diplomats who master key languages such as Arabic, Russian, German, and Spanish. This focus on language proficiency underscores Israel’s commitment to effective communication and understanding in its international relations.

The agreement will apply to over 1,200 ministry employees, both in Israel and abroad. It aims to recruit high-quality cadets for the Foreign Service by offering updated salaries and reducing pay gaps, especially for lower-paid workers. This move is a testament to Israel’s dedication to attracting and retaining top talent in its diplomatic corps.

Minister Cohen, in his statement, emphasized the critical role of the Foreign Ministry in Israel’s national strength and security. The resolution of this dispute is not just an administrative success; it’s a reinforcement of the ministry’s vital function in promoting Israel’s foreign relations and safeguarding its interests worldwide.

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich’s commendation of the agreement highlights the collaborative effort across government sectors to reach this resolution. His acknowledgment of the Foreign Ministry’s essential work, particularly in the current global context, reflects the broader recognition of the ministry’s crucial role.

In conclusion, the resolution of the Foreign Ministry’s work dispute is a significant step forward for Israel’s diplomatic efforts. It ensures that the ministry can continue to effectively represent Israel’s interests globally, fostering relationships and upholding the nation’s principles and truths. This achievement not only strengthens Israel’s diplomatic front but also reaffirms the nation’s commitment to its core values of excellence, resilience, and global engagement.