Unity in Faith: Christian Youth Rally for Israel in Washington

In a powerful display of solidarity, around 300 Christian students converged on the U.S. Capitol on January 7, united by a common cause: standing with Israel. Adorned in shirts boldly declaring “Christians Stand With Israel,” they carried signs bearing images of Israeli hostages, praying fervently for their safe return. This march symbolized a deep-rooted commitment among young American Christians to support Israel and counter the rising tide of antisemitism.

Organized by Passages, a group dedicated to strengthening the bonds between Christians and Israel, the event marked a significant moment in interfaith solidarity. Scott Phillips, CEO of Passages, emphasized the commitment of young Christians in America to stand against antisemitism and build enduring friendships with Israel. This gathering followed a weekend of immersive Israel engagement programs in Washington, D.C., as many students’ planned trips to Israel were canceled due to the ongoing conflict.

The event was not just a march but an educational journey, bringing Israel’s rich history and culture to these young advocates. They explored the deep connections between Christianity, Israel, and the Jewish people, drawing inspiration from biblical teachings and God’s promises to Abraham. Mattanah DeWitt, Vice President of Marketing at Passages, highlighted this connection, urging the attendees to recognize and act upon their faith’s call to stand with Israel and the Jewish community.

The program was comprehensive, including sessions on the Bible’s Jewish heritage, a visit to the Holocaust Museum, and engaging discussions with Israeli tour guides who shared personal wartime stories. These interactions provided the students with first-hand accounts of the realities in Israel, further solidifying their resolve to advocate for the Jewish state.

Rivka Kidron, co-founder of Passages and former Adviser for Diaspora and Christian Affairs to Prime Minister Netanyahu, shared moving stories of her efforts to help Israeli families of hostages. She recounted a conversation with the father of a hostage, who metaphorically described these efforts as creating a “tsunami of hope” for the safe return of their loved ones. Rivka’s message to the students was clear: every small act of support contributes to a larger movement of solidarity and hope.

This event wasn’t an isolated occurrence. On November 14, 2023, Passages rallied over 700 Christians in a March for Israel in Washington, D.C., echoing the same message of unity and support. Robert Nicholson, President of the Philos Project and co-founder of Passages, expressed a renewed moral clarity and conviction in standing with Israel and the Jewish people, hoping this sentiment resonates across the broader Christian community in the United States.

The conference equipped these young advocates with the tools and knowledge to continue their support for Israel and the Jewish community, extending their influence to campuses and communities nationwide. This rally in Washington serves as a testament to the strong bonds of faith and friendship between Christians and Jews, showcasing a united front against antisemitism and a shared commitment to the values of freedom and justice. As Israel faces challenges, the unwavering support from allies like these Christian students becomes a beacon of hope, highlighting the enduring power of solidarity across faiths.