Fueling Progress: Energy Minister Eli Cohen’s Inspiring Visit to Karish Gas Rig

In a significant development underscoring Israel’s commitment to energy independence and economic resilience, newly appointed Energy Minister Eli Cohen recently embarked on an insightful tour of Israel’s national gas rig ‘Karish’. This visit marks an important step in understanding and overseeing the nation’s burgeoning natural gas sector, vital for both civilian and security needs.

During his tour, Minister Cohen had the opportunity to explore the rig’s facilities firsthand, meet with dedicated workers, and delve into the intricate process of extracting, treating, and producing natural gas. The visit was facilitated by key industry figures, including Energean Israel’s CEO Shaul Zemach, and the petroleum commissioner at the Energy and Infrastructure Ministry, Chen Bar-Yoseph.

Minister Cohen emphasized the critical role of natural gas in meeting Israel’s civil and security needs. He pledged continued cooperation with security forces to ensure a consistent and uninterrupted supply, vital for powering Israel’s economy and industry. This commitment reflects the State of Israel’s dedication to harnessing its natural resources for the betterment of its people and its economy.

The Karish rig, operated from the FPSO ‘Shark’, is one of Israel’s three natural gas rigs and plays a pivotal role in the country’s energy landscape. Extracting gas from wells 1,700 meters below the sea surface and 3-4 kilometers underground, the rig channels the natural gas through underwater pipelines for treatment. Once processed, it integrates into the national transmission system, contributing significantly to Israel’s energy supply since September 2022.

The successful operation of the Karish rig, alongside other facilities, is a testament to Israel’s growing stature as an energy-secure nation. This achievement has not only bolstered Israel’s energy security but has also led to a welcome decrease in domestic energy prices, benefiting the entire country.

In conclusion, Minister Cohen’s visit to the Karish gas rig is a shining example of Israel’s proactive approach in securing its energy future. This venture into natural gas exploration and production is a reflection of Israel’s innovative spirit and its commitment to self-sufficiency. As Israel continues to tap into its natural resources, it strengthens its position as a nation that is not just surviving but thriving, leveraging its talents and resources for the prosperity and well-being of its people.