Oracle’s Deepening Roots in Israel: A Testament to Resilience and Innovation

In a significant affirmation of faith in Israel’s technological prowess and resilience, Oracle CEO Safra Catz recently announced plans to double the company’s investment in Israel, including the establishment of a second, highly secure underground public cloud center. This commitment from a global tech leader is a strong vote of confidence in Israel’s vibrant tech sector and its capacity to thrive even in challenging times.

During her visit to Israel, amidst the ongoing conflict with Hamas, Catz met with key Israeli leaders, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Isaac Herzog, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, and war cabinet minister Benny Gantz. Her engagements underscored Oracle’s dedication not only to business development but also to supporting Israel’s government, military, and economy.

Oracle’s expansion in Israel includes an impressive underground data center in Jerusalem, built to withstand security threats, including rocket attacks. This center, along with the planned second site, will offer advanced cloud services to a diverse array of sectors, reflecting the depth and versatility of Israel’s industry and its global impact.

Catz’s visit also highlighted Oracle’s longstanding commitment to Israel, which spans over two decades. In a time of need, Oracle showed solidarity by donating $1 million to Magen David Adom and launching a global fundraising campaign among its employees, with a promise to match the funds raised.

The choice of Israel for these significant investments by global tech giants like Oracle, Amazon, and Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is a testament to the country’s status as a leading innovation hub. The establishment of local cloud regions by these companies not only brings cutting-edge technology closer to Israeli businesses and organizations but also signifies a strategic shift in data management within the country’s borders.

Catz’s visit to Kfar Aza and her meetings with residents who experienced the October 7 attacks reflect a deep personal connection and understanding of the challenges faced by Israel. Her optimism about the strength and spirit of the Israeli people resonates with the nation’s enduring commitment to overcoming adversity.

Oracle’s investment in Israel, particularly in times of conflict, is a shining example of how global corporations can play a positive role in supporting nations through technology and innovation. It also highlights the mutual benefits of such partnerships, where global tech leaders tap into Israel’s rich pool of talent and innovation while contributing to the nation’s economic and technological growth.

In conclusion, Oracle’s growing presence in Israel is a reflection of the nation’s unwavering spirit of innovation and resilience. The State of Israel continues to prove itself as a hub of technological advancement and a beacon of strength, attracting global partnerships and investments. This enduring commitment to progress, even in the face of challenges, underscores the core values of the Israeli nation: perseverance, ingenuity, and a steadfast pursuit of a better future.