President Herzog Confronts Misrepresentation at the ICJ: Upholding Israel’s Commitment to Justice and Humanity

President Isaac Herzog robustly addressed the International Court of Justice’s (ICJ) recent ruling, which he described as akin to a “blood libel.” Expressing his shock at how his statements following the October 7 massacre by Hamas were “twisted” and taken out of context, Herzog firmly defended Israel’s integrity and commitment to international law.

The ICJ’s decision, which suggested a possible validity to claims of genocide against Palestinians by Israel, relied on an interpretation of Herzog’s remarks that removed the broader context. During a briefing, Herzog emphasized that while Gaza’s civilian support for Hamas’s actions could not be ignored, Israel strictly adheres to international law, ensuring that operations are legally secured and reviewed and that innocent civilians are never considered targets.

President Herzog, at an event honoring IDF soldiers, articulated his disgust at the ICJ’s misrepresentation. He reiterated Israel’s unwavering stance against harming innocent civilians, underscoring the nation’s deep regret for the plight of innocent Palestinians in Gaza. Herzog highlighted Israel’s continuous efforts to provide humanitarian aid, reflecting its core values and ethical responsibilities.

He also pointed to the undeniable involvement of many Gaza residents in the horrific events of October 7, where they actively participated in the massacre and atrocities. Herzog called for a thorough investigation into these acts by the court, rather than a superficial judgment.

Herzog affirmed Israel’s just campaign for the return of hostages and the restoration of security for its citizens. Emphasizing Israel’s right to self-defense, he stressed that the nation’s actions align with international law.

Critically, Herzog denounced the timing of the ICJ’s hearing on the eve of International Holocaust Memorial Day, labeling it a “blood libel” against a nation built from the Holocaust’s ashes. He criticized the court for undermining its foundational values by entertaining unfounded allegations of genocide.

While the ICJ did not demand an immediate ceasefire from Israel, it imposed several provisional orders, including measures to prevent genocide and reporting back to the court within a month. Herzog’s response underlines Israel’s commitment to justice, humanity, and the truth, even in the face of international scrutiny and misrepresentation. It reflects the resilience and integrity of a nation dedicated to upholding its values and protecting all innocent lives.