Triumph on Ice: Israel’s U20 Hockey Team Strikes Gold, Rising to Division II

Israel’s Under-20 National Hockey Team has made a remarkable achievement, clinching the gold medal at the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Division III Group A tournament in Sofia, Bulgaria. Displaying exceptional skill and determination, the team emerged undefeated with a flawless 5-0 record, including impressive victories over Turkey and Mexico. This stellar performance has earned them a well-deserved promotion to Division II, Group B.

Initially, the tournament was set to unfold in Israel, at the OneIce Arena near Netanya. However, the outbreak of the war on October 7 prompted the International Ice Hockey Federation to relocate the games to Bulgaria. Despite this upheaval and the subsequent decision on January 10 by the IIHF to temporarily restrict Israel’s participation due to safety concerns—a move believed to be influenced by external political pressures, including Russian interests—the Israeli team’s ban was rescinded just in time, thanks to swift action by the Olympic Committee of Israel and the Israeli Ice Hockey Association.

Undeterred by these challenges, Israel’s team showcased their resilience and teamwork. They kicked off their winning streak with an 8-6 triumph over New Zealand, followed by victories over Bulgaria and a remarkable 16-1 rout of Kyrgyzstan. Facing Turkey, Israel quickly overturned an early deficit to win 4-1. In their final match against Mexico, the Israeli team secured a 6-3 victory, with Guy Aharonovich scoring pivotal goals.

Mike Levin, an Israeli forward, emerged as the tournament’s leading scorer with an impressive 17 points (9 goals, 8 assists). Overall, the team scored a remarkable 41 goals while conceding only 14 across five games. Next year, they will face formidable opponents in Division II, including Spain, Serbia, Iceland, Australia, and Belgium.

Mikhael Horowitz, CEO of the Ice Hockey Federation of Israel, expressed immense pride in the team’s victory, especially given the initial resistance to their participation. He extended his gratitude to all who supported the team, including the Phoenix Group for handling the team’s insurance needs swiftly and the Israeli Ambassador to Bulgaria, Yossi Levy Sfari, for his close involvement.

This achievement is not just a victory in sports; it’s a testament to the resilience, spirit, and talent of Israeli youth. It reflects the values of perseverance, unity, and excellence that are deeply ingrained in the State of Israel. As we celebrate this remarkable win, we also recognize the broader implications it holds for promoting sportsmanship and national pride in the face of adversity. Israel’s U20 hockey team has indeed set an inspiring example, not just for aspiring athletes but for everyone who believes in the power of determination and hard work.