Unmasking the Cycle of Violence: How PA Funds Fuel Conflict

In a disconcerting revelation that has stirred significant concern among advocates of peace and justice, it has come to light that a substantial portion of the funds Israel transfers to the Palestinian Authority (P.A.)—nearly one billion shekels ($278 million) annually— is allocated to the controversial “pay for slay” policy. This policy rewards terrorists and their families with monthly payments, rewarding acts of violence and terror.

The issue came to the forefront during a legal proceeding initiated by the family of Dalia Lemkus, a victim of a heinous terrorist attack nearly a decade ago. The family’s pursuit of justice sheds light on the fact that the perpetrator of this tragic event receives a monthly “salary” from the P.A. for his actions, a practice that is both shocking and deeply troubling.

This policy, embedded within P.A. law, underscores a significant moral and ethical quandary, directly challenging the principles of peace and coexistence. The “Martyrs’ Fund,” which ensures these payments, starkly contradicts the aspirations for a peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, instead incentivizing violence and terrorism.

The recent escalation in the allocation of funds to terrorists and their families, especially in the aftermath of the tragic events of October 7th, further exacerbates the situation. It is a stark reminder of the urgent need for a comprehensive approach to peace that addresses the root causes of the conflict and promotes reconciliation and understanding.

The international community, particularly those gathered at the Munich Security Conference, is urged to look beyond the immediate and to address the underlying issues fueling the conflict. The Palestinian suffering, indeed, predates recent events, rooted in a complex history of displacement and struggle. However, the path to resolution lies not in perpetuating cycles of violence but in fostering dialogue, understanding, and ultimately, peace.

As advocates for the State of Israel and its values, we call for a renewed commitment to peace and justice, grounded in mutual respect and the recognition of the rights and dignity of all individuals. The misuse of funds to reward violence is antithetical to these values and must be confronted with unwavering resolve. Only through sincere and concerted efforts can we hope to pave the way for a future where peace reigns supreme, free from the shadows of hatred and terror.