Unity and Resolve: MK Simcha Rothman’s Powerful Message at CPAC

This weekend, MK Simcha Rothman of the Religious Zionist Party conveyed a powerful message of unity, resolve, and unwavering support for Israel during his visit to the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in the United States. Amidst a gathering of senior Republican officials, including former President Donald Trump, Rothman’s mission was clear: to reinforce the bond between Israel and its staunch allies, and to highlight the perils of antisemitism and terrorism that threaten not only Israel but the world at large.

Rothman, representing a broad spectrum of Israeli society, took the stage at CPAC following a monumental show of solidarity within the Knesset, where 99 members across the coalition and opposition united against the premature recognition of a Palestinian state. His participation in a panel discussion shed light on the surge of antisemitism, particularly on college campuses, and the dangerous incitement to terrorism that fuels hatred and violence.

In a world still reeling from the October 7 massacre by Hamas, Rothman articulated a vision of strength and determination. He underscored the imperative to deliver a decisive blow to Hamas, asserting that any discussion of a Palestinian state in the aftermath of such barbarity would only embolden terror. His words echoed the sentiment of a nation that refuses to reward aggression and insists on the right to defend its citizens and sovereignty.

The CPAC gathering also served as a poignant reminder of the shared destiny that binds the Jewish people together, as Rothman spoke movingly during the conference’s Shabbat program about the collective heartache and resilience following the tragic events of October 7.

Amid discussions of policy and politics, former President Trump voiced a steadfast position that has characterized his approach to Middle Eastern affairs: under his leadership, the audacity of Hamas to attack Israel would have been unthinkable. Trump criticized the current administration’s approach toward Iran, suggesting that the leniency shown has inadvertently empowered Hamas and Hezbollah by allowing Iran to continue funding and arming these terror groups.

The CPAC attendees, many of whom are ardent supporters of Trump, expressed their disapproval of President Biden’s recent actions, including sanctions against Israeli settlers and proposals that edge closer to the recognition of a Palestinian state. These sentiments reflect a broader critique of the current administration’s policies, both domestic and foreign, with the issue of Israel standing as a testament to the deep and enduring alliance between the American people and the State of Israel.

Rothman’s visit to CPAC was more than just a diplomatic gesture; it was a reaffirmation of the values and principles that Israel stands for. In times of challenge and controversy, Israel remains committed to democracy, peace, and the unwavering defense of its people against the forces of terror. As Israel continues to navigate the complexities of geopolitics, the support from friends and allies around the world is more crucial than ever. Together, we stand united in our pursuit of a safer, more peaceful Middle East, underscored by the shared ideals that bind us.