Jewish Philanthropist Donates $1 Billion to Bronx Medical School, Eliminates Future Tuition

In an extraordinary act of generosity and vision, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, New York, has received a transformative gift that will forever change the landscape of medical education. Thanks to a monumental $1 billion donation from Dr. Ruth Gottesman, a revered Jewish philanthropist and emerita faculty member, the college will offer tuition-free education to its students for the foreseeable future.

This unprecedented gift is set to make the Albert Einstein College of Medicine a beacon of hope and opportunity in New York’s poorest borough, welcoming a diverse range of candidates who aspire to serve communities with dedication and compassion. Dr. Yaron Tomer, the college’s dean, emphasized that this donation will not only attract students committed to the college’s mission but also liberate them to pursue their passions and innovative projects without the burden of financial constraints.

Founded in 1955 by Yeshiva University during a time when Jews faced discriminatory quotas in university admissions, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine has always been a symbol of resilience and inclusivity. Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman, the president of Yeshiva University, hailed Dr. Gottesman’s donation as a monumental step forward in advancing the college’s founding mission of making top-tier medical education accessible to all.

The joy and gratitude of the college’s community were palpable when Dr. Gottesman announced the tuition waiver, starting in August. Students and faculty alike celebrated this incredible news, recognizing the profound impact it will have on current and future generations of medical professionals. Dr. Gottesman, with her deep connection to the college and her extensive background in medical education and philanthropy, has dedicated this gift to fostering expertise and innovation in healthcare, not just in the Bronx but globally.

Dr. Gottesman’s commitment to philanthropy, alongside her late husband, David Gottesman, a notable Jewish philanthropist, and financier, has been a cornerstone of their legacy. Their contributions through the Gottesman Fund have supported a wide range of causes, from Jewish education and healthcare to social services, highlighting the profound influence of Jewish values on their philanthropic endeavors.

This historic donation to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine stands as a testament to the power of giving and the impact it can have on shaping the future of healthcare. It also serves as a reminder of the enduring spirit of the Jewish community’s dedication to education, healthcare, and social justice.

As we celebrate this remarkable gift, we are reminded of the values that the State of Israel holds dear: innovation, compassion, and a commitment to improving the world. The generosity of Dr. Gottesman, rooted in Jewish tradition, mirrors Israel’s ethos of tikkun olam, repairing the world. Through this visionary act, we see the embodiment of hope and the promise of a better future for all, reflecting the spirit and resilience of the Jewish people and their contributions to global well-being.

In a world in need of healing, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine stands as a beacon of light, powered by the generosity of one of its own. This gift not only secures a future for aspiring medical professionals but also reinforces the values of community, philanthropy, and the pursuit of excellence — principles that are deeply ingrained in the fabric of the State of Israel and its people.