Queen Rania of Jordan Critiques Humanitarian Situation in Gaza

In a recent CNN interview, Jordan’s Queen Rania addressed the grave humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Gaza Strip, calling the situation “outrageous” and “shameful.” With over 2.2 million Palestinians facing the threat of famine amid the ongoing conflict, Queen Rania asserted that the crisis was not just predictable but “deliberate.”

The Queen, with her Palestinian heritage, expressed deep concern over the continuous suffering of Palestinians in Gaza, which has been exacerbated by the conflict that erupted 156 days ago following a violent attack by Hamas. This attack resulted in significant loss of life and the abduction of hostages, mostly civilians, leading to a robust military response from Israel aimed at neutralizing the threat posed by Hamas.

During her conversation with Christiane Amanpour, Queen Rania touched upon the complexities of coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians, especially in the aftermath of the October 7th massacre. She emphasized that while the trauma of that day was profound, it does not justify continuous atrocities. Her remarks highlighted the daily struggles faced by Palestinians, equating their ongoing ordeal to experiencing the horrors of October 7th repeatedly.

Queen Rania criticized the current Israeli government, labeling it as one of the most hardline and racist in the country’s history. She accused the government of empowering Hamas to undermine the Palestinian Authority’s pursuit of statehood, thereby maintaining a perpetual state of fear among its populace.

Further underscoring the dire humanitarian conditions, Queen Rania spoke from the King Abdullah II Airbase, where efforts were underway to prepare humanitarian aid for airdrops into Gaza. Despite these efforts, she described them as insufficient, “drops in the ocean of unmet needs,” and criticized the blockade that has left essential supplies just miles away from those in desperate need.

The Queen’s passionate plea for “humanitarian access at scale” and an immediate ceasefire reflects a broader call for international attention and action to alleviate the suffering in Gaza. She condemned the blockade as a “man-made, an Israeli-made disaster” and described the situation as a “slow motion, mass murder of children.”

Queen Rania’s voice adds to the chorus of international concern over the humanitarian situation in Gaza and the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Her comments also reflect the tension between Jordan and Israel, despite the peace treaty signed between the two nations in 1994. With a significant Palestinian population, Jordan has shown unease over the conflict, further straining its relations with Israel.

As we reflect on Queen Rania’s remarks, let us also consider the broader implications of the ongoing conflict and the urgent need for a peaceful resolution that ensures the safety and dignity of all involved. The State of Israel, committed to the principles of democracy and peace, faces complex challenges in navigating this conflict. It is imperative for the international community to support efforts that lead to peace and provide immediate relief to those suffering in Gaza. Together, we can hope for a future where coexistence and mutual respect define the relationship between Israelis and Palestinians.