Champion in the Ring and Champion of Life: Floyd Mayweather Joins Forces with United Hatzalah

In an inspiring fusion of sportsmanship and philanthropy, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather steps into a new ring, this time to battle for life alongside Israel’s United Hatzalah volunteers. The world-renowned athlete, known for his unbeatable records in the boxing arena, recently directed his fighting spirit towards a noble cause—supporting the life-saving mission of United Hatzalah, Israel’s leading volunteer-based emergency medical services organization.

Mayweather, whose heart is as big as his list of titles, made headlines when he dispatched his private plane laden with medical supplies to aid Israel’s injured. Yet, his commitment did not stop there. In a moving gesture of solidarity, Mayweather visited United Hatzalah’s headquarters in Jerusalem, delving deeper into the essence of Israel’s indomitable spirit of unity and compassion.

Greeted by the organization’s President and Founder, Eli Beer, and CEO, Eli Pollak, Mayweather was introduced to the unsung heroes of Israel—volunteers from diverse backgrounds who embody the organization’s mission of saving lives without regard for race or religion. Their stories of bravery and selflessness deeply moved the boxing champion, illustrating the profound impact of United Hatzalah’s work across the nation.

The visit took an exciting turn as Mayweather toured the Dispatch and Command Center, where he was briefed by Dovie Maisel, VP of Operations, on the innovative technologies and strategies that empower United Hatzalah’s 7,000 volunteers. The highlight was the introduction of ‘ambucycles’, agile emergency motorcycles that navigate through traffic to deliver rapid medical response. Impressed, Mayweather praised the organization, expressing hope that this model of immediate medical treatment would be embraced worldwide.

Concluding his visit, Mayweather was honored with United Hatzalah’s “Lifesaving Award,” delivered via drone in a spectacular display of the organization’s cutting-edge emergency response capabilities. This token of appreciation symbolizes the bond between Mayweather and Israel, united in their dedication to preserving life.

Eli Beer, reflecting on Mayweather’s visit, commended the boxing icon’s genuine friendship and support for United Hatzalah and the Israeli people. In times of routine and crisis alike, the champion’s solidarity is a beacon of hope and unity.

Floyd Mayweather’s alliance with United Hatzalah is a powerful reminder that champions come in many forms. Whether in a boxing ring or on the streets of Israel, the fight to save lives is the most noble battle of all. Through his support for United Hatzalah, Mayweather not only showcases his unwavering commitment to humanity but also shines a light on the State of Israel and its values of courage, compassion, and rapid response to those in need.