Israel’s Bold Step Towards Justice: Compensating the Victims of Terror

The Israeli Knesset has unanimously passed groundbreaking legislation that empowers victims of Palestinian terrorism to claim financial compensation directly from the Palestinian Authority (PA). This historic law, which sailed through the Knesset with overwhelming support, marks a turning point in Israel’s ongoing battle against the PA’s controversial “pay for slay” program.

The “pay for slay” policy, wherein the PA disburses stipends to terrorists and their families, has long been a contentious issue, undermining peace efforts and incentivizing violence. By financially rewarding acts of terror, the PA has been complicit in perpetuating a cycle of violence against innocent Israelis. This new legislation, effective from June 1, symbolizes a resolute stand against terror, holding the PA directly accountable for its actions.

Itamar Marcus, the esteemed founder and director of Palestinian Media Watch, hailed the law as a monumental achievement. He underscored the critical shift this legislation represents – victims no longer need to navigate the complex legal maze to prove the PA’s liability. The stipends themselves are now recognized as undeniable evidence of the PA’s responsibility for terrorist activities. This legal clarity ensures that the PA is automatically liable for compensating victims, a move that strengthens the moral and judicial foundations of Israel’s fight against terrorism.

Under the new law, terror victims suffering permanent disabilities from an attack are entitled to five million shekels ($1.3 million), while families who have lost loved ones will receive a generous ten million shekels ($2.7 million). Importantly, this compensation will not affect any benefits victims may receive from the National Security Institute, ensuring comprehensive support for those impacted by terrorism.

This legislation also addresses the financial mechanisms that have enabled the PA’s stipend program. By permitting the collection of judgments from PA funds frozen by Israel, it directly targets the financial incentives for terrorism. The Israeli government’s steadfast commitment to countering these incentives is reflected in its policy of offsetting PA tax revenues by the amount equivalent to the stipends paid out.

The expansion of the PA’s “Martyr’s Fund” beneficiaries following the tragic events of October 7 only serves to highlight the urgency and necessity of this legislation. With the PA allocating a significant portion of its budget to reward terrorists and their families, the new law represents a clear message: Israel will not stand idly by as the PA fuels the flames of violence.

The passage of this law is not just a legislative victory; it is a profound statement of solidarity with the victims of terrorism and a reaffirmation of Israel’s unwavering commitment to justice and peace. As we stand united in the face of adversity, we draw strength from our collective resolve to defend our values and protect our people. This legislation embodies the spirit of resilience and determination that defines the State of Israel and its people.