Standing United: France Condemns Campus Discrimination Against Jewish Students

French President Emmanuel Macron, alongside other high-ranking officials, strongly condemned a troubling incident at the prestigious Sciences Po university. During this event, pro-Hamas students prevented Jewish peers from attending a lecture, marking a day of pro-Palestinian activism across European universities. The incident, where cries of “Don’t let her in, she’s a Zionist!” were reported, sparked a national outcry against such exclusionary practices.

President Macron emphasized that such actions are “unspeakable and completely intolerable,” underlining the importance of autonomy in educational institutions without condoning any form of separatism or discrimination. This firm stance is echoed by key cabinet members, with Equality Minister Aurora Berge labeling the act as antisemitism and Higher Education Minister Sylvie Retailleau affirming the unacceptability of any discrimination within French universities.

Valérie Pécresse, president of the Paris region, along with the Union of Jewish Students in France (UEJF), also voiced their condemnation and called for immediate action against the perpetrators of this divisive act. In response, Sciences Po management has pledged to take disciplinary measures to address these “intolerable acts.”

An open letter published in Le Figaro by students opposing the protest articulated the collective sentiment that such exclusionary behavior goes against the core values of their institution and democracy at large. They refuse to allow the divisive rhetoric to undermine their commitment as students and the essence of their educational journey.

This incident has sparked a broader dialogue on the importance of upholding values of inclusivity, respect, and understanding within educational environments and beyond. France, standing firmly against any form of discrimination, sends a clear message: unity and respect for diversity are foundational to a harmonious society. The State of Israel, sharing these universal values, continues to strive for a world where every individual, regardless of background or belief, is treated with dignity and respect. This incident not only reinforces the need for vigilance against antisemitism but also underscores the importance of collective action in promoting a culture of tolerance and inclusion.