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  • Miriam Adelson Honors Fallen Soldiers and Medical Volunteers with Emergency Vehicle Fleet Donation

Miriam Adelson Honors Fallen Soldiers and Medical Volunteers with Emergency Vehicle Fleet Donation

Philanthropic Contribution Enhances Israel’s Emergency Response Capabilities

Israeli-American philanthropist Dr. Miriam Adelson has made a multimillion-dollar donation in the form of emergency vehicles to United Hatzalah, an internationally renowned Israeli volunteer emergency-rescue service organization known for its rapid response times. The $3 million wartime donation includes 76 emergency motorcycles or ambucycles—symbolizing the years of the modern-day State of Israel—an ambulance, and two emergency vehicles that will be distributed across the country as the nine-month war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip continues following the terrorist attacks on October 7.

United Hatzalah, established nearly two decades ago, is famous for its volunteers who can arrive at emergency scenes by motorcycle within three minutes, significantly faster than the average ambulance response time.

“The 10-minute wait for an ambulance—it’s life or death, or retardation,” Adelson said during a ceremony held at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem, where the new emergency vehicles were displayed. Mount Herzl, usually reserved for solemn state events, is the final resting place of Zionist visionary Theodor Herzl, Israel’s fallen soldiers, and Israeli leaders.

“When you arrive at Mount Herzl for a ceremony dedicated to celebrating saving lives, it is a corrective experience,” said Israeli Minister of Health Uriel Buso, who has volunteered with United Hatzalah for the last 25 years.

Eli Beer, president and founder of United Hatzalah, emphasized the importance of volunteerism: “The human resource of volunteers is Israel’s No. 1 asset. This donation will reduce the response time for emergency services in Israel and save more lives.” Beer’s goal is to reduce emergency arrival times to 90 seconds.

“There is no competition in saving lives,” said Eli Pollack, CEO of United Hatzalah. “We need to arrive on the scene as quickly as possible.”

United Hatzalah’s efficiency was particularly notable during the October 7 massacre perpetrated by Hamas operatives and other Palestinians who infiltrated Israel’s border. The organization’s team of over 7,000 volunteers treated the wounded in Israeli communities along the Gaza border during the surprise attack, which left 1,200 people, mostly civilians, dead; thousands wounded; and up to 250 people abducted to Gaza. Since that tragic day, the organization has lost 18 volunteers. Two of the ambulances and rescue vehicles were donated in their memory.

Adelson, 78, manages the estate of her late husband, Sheldon Adelson, who passed away in 2021. She said their family, previously preferring anonymity in their philanthropy, decided to publicize their donation to inspire others to contribute. Her son, Matan Adelson, owner of the Hapoel Jerusalem basketball team, also attended the ceremony.

A physician specializing in drug addiction, Dr. Adelson was presented with an emergency rescue official’s vest at the culmination of the ceremony.

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