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Historic All-Female Combat Unit Established for Religious Women in IDF

New IDF Unit Empowers Religious Women to Serve in Combat Roles.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have announced the creation of a groundbreaking combat unit exclusively for religious women soldiers. This comes in response to the increased interest from religious women in joining combat units following the decision to conscript ultra-orthodox Israeli citizens.

Out of the 3,500 women enlisting in the IDF, about 350, including 20 who have studied in religious seminaries, are opting for combat roles. According to Makor Rishon, many of these women have been motivated by the events of October 7th to serve on the front lines.

The rising interest among religious women, particularly in the Border Police, necessitated the formation of a women-only religious combat unit. This new unit will fall under the Combat Intelligence Collection Corps, providing the enrollees with both military training and spiritual support.

Rabbi Ohad Teharlev, head of Midreshet Lindenbaum, is leading the establishment of this unique combat unit. Female halachic advisers will also be available to offer additional guidance to the soldiers.

Since the announcement, 30 women have expressed their intention to enroll in the upcoming August recruitment cycle. These women will undergo a day of preparation at the induction center, including a “religious assessment” conducted by the Meitav unit, the accompanying team, and the Military Rabbinate.

Women wishing to join can enroll by contacting Meitav and identifying themselves as religious. Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander, president and Rosh HaYeshiva of Ohr Torah Stone, praised the initiative, saying, “In the face of this new IDF response to the growing number of religious women who choose to enlist in combat units, we are proud to provide spiritual and halakhic guidance. We support all our soldiers, especially during these challenging times of war.”

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